General Fiction posted September 11, 2019

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Burying a Child


by Patty Palmer

It isn't supposed to happen this way! Nobody should have to bury a child! But here I am doing exactly that! I told him motorcycles were dangerous. Why didn't he listen? I told him to wear a helmet. God, why didn't he listen? No! Don't put him in the ground! LISTEN!!

Dribble Flash Fiction contest entry


It's overwhelming to have to bury your child. Especially when it could have been prevented! If I would have said no when he asked about the motorcycle in the first place! I should have paid more attention to how well he could ride it before I let him take it out all on his own. I should have been there to make sure he put that damn helmet on his head and tell him to keep it there! I let my child die because I wasn't listening either.

***FOOTNOTE*** I need to apologize for this poem. The contest was
called FLASH FICTION which means it wouldn't be true. So I wrote this poem, making it up. I honestly didn't think anyone would take it as true. I started getting a few condolences and I wasn't sure how to respond. So, I let it go. Then I kept getting condolences and I started feeling guilty that I probably should have put it in these notes. After so many condolences I was hesitant to put up a note because I didn't want anyone to feel embarrassed that they had offered support. The longer this goes on the worse I felt. I'm so sorry. I felt I had to make this right before it got any further. Patty

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