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Are you all at sea or surfing a brainwave?

Riding a Cosmic Current

by LisaMay

Ideas. What comes from within, and what is suggested by exterior influence?

A similarity of vision crops up occasionally in creative expression. Perhaps, here on FanStory, you will have noticed that a poem you wrote has echoes in someone else’s poem. It may be in theme, or choice of a phrase, but at times there appears to be a synchronicity of thought. 

Is this some psychic link? Possibly our creative energy is receptive to ideas that are floating around, and two people catch an idea at the same time. 

The old saying “there is nothing new under the sun” does not inhibit invention. It suggests that we should go beyond our earthly reality. It’s up to each of us to find our personal expression, a newness within ourselves in how we interpret and impart our experiences.

*   *   *

Do writers surf the same wavelength on a creative cosmic current? Are our brainwaves washing the same shores?

Some writers never leave the beach – building bigger and bigger sandcastles; or licking their dripping ice creams while riding donkeys, complaining about the heat and the sand.  

Others have slathered on so much protective sunscreen that they remain unkissed by the sun. They are content to paddle in the shallows, not getting in too deep. And definitely not diving in – they might hit their head on something (maybe an ‘idea’). Those writers will never create much of a splash.  

Some writers love to frolic in the froth, picking up the occasional pretty shell and ooh-ing and aah-ing at the gorgeous sunset. They might get bitten by a crab, just a little nip, nothing too nasty, but they won’t complain. God put the crab there for a reason. And the shell. And the sunset. Praise the Lord for the beauties bestowed. Blessings!

Some writers are screwing in the dunes, getting raunchy on their picnic rugs – enjoying a taste of Sex on the Beach then licking their lips and telling us about it.

Others love truly, madly, deeply, forever and ever, til death do them part and even longer than that. Aren’t they lucky! That just makes us envious. Love: huh! It’s just another 4-letter word to some of us.  

Then there’s the annoying ones: kicking sand in people’s faces, yelling stupid comments and flicking their towels, flexing their show-off muscles. Others are parading up and down waving their flags. And there’s some who play their music over and over. It was OK the first time, but why don’t they play a different tune sometimes? 

Others brought their dogs, which just crapped right there. We have to step over the mess before we can go anywhere else. 

There’s some writers crowding together on their jet skis, hogging the waves. They had to pay quite a lot for those jet skis.

Then there’s that other group, having a therapeutic outing. Gosh, there’s lots of them. They’re addicts, abused, flustered, forsaken, garbled, grieving, dispossessed, depressed, decrepit, diseased, demented, psychic, psycho… they think the beach is for skinny-dippers, baring all. We love them and pray for them. We’re nice like that. But some of us aren’t. 

Oh look… there’s a hermit crab. I think I offended it. It needs a thicker shell. 

Some writers might be all at sea, still searching for buoyancy. They should take swimming lessons, then swim between the flags for a while.  But there they are, out in a leaky boat, getting seasick, with their puking noises making other people feel sick, too. 

Others ‘hang ten’, flying in the face of fear to outpace the monster at their backs. These are the ones who are in their natural element: coming up with new moves, testing themselves, daring to be dumped or ripped on the reef. Exhilarated, they get applauded for their skill to remain on board and ride the idea to the shore. But there will still be the odd wipeout. And won’t we love pointing it out!! 

*   *   *

Go, swim freestyle with mermaids. Dive off a cliff – hold your breath til you see stars. Find your own treasure chest. Create your own niche.

The sun shines just as brightly on safety as on danger. We can get sunburnt or hide from it. Or choose to be warmed by its golden rays – enriched by its benevolence.

Water is still wet, whether shallow or deep. We can dabble or drown, float or flounder. With skill and spirit, we can barrel along on our surfboards, nimble and balanced, keeping our heads above water with our minds and our bodies alert. We might carve our name; there could come a lull; but the limitless view from the crest is to die for.

If the sharks don’t get us first. Or the tsunami. Life’s a beach.

*   *   *

At the Beach contest entry


Author's Note:

'Sex on the Beach' is an alcoholic cocktail containing vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice.

Some surfing terms have been used:
- If you're riding a longboard with both feet directly on the nose of the board, you're 'hanging ten'.
- A 'barrel' is the inside curve of a finely-shaped breaking wave.
- 'Carving' is basically what turning on a wave is called. It is the classic surfing manoeuver.
- A 'lull' is when the ocean goes flat between sets and everyone sits around waiting for the waves to arrive.

(Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash.)

* * *
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