General Fiction posted July 5, 2019

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Linda can not stop playing a game on her lap top.

Mr. Windows

by Gunner Lil

Linda, are you still playing that darn game? It's after two in the morning.

Please shut-up Bruce. I'm about to advance to the next level. Oh damn! You made me screw up.
Now I have to start over. It's your fault.

My fault? You're so strung out on coffee you don't know what day it is. If you worked this hard
on house work you'd be in "The Better Homes and Garden," Hall of Fame.

You better watch your mouth, fella. You realize who you sleep next to, right?

Yeah I do. She's called empty pillow.

Oh, just go to bed. Leave me alone with my lap top. It does everything I ask of it. Not like
some people I know.

Too bad your laptop can't wash and iron clothes or cook a real sit- down dinner. Those
hotdogs leave a lot to be desired.

You S. O. B.! I wash clothes, iron and cook. I clean house at least once a week. Have you looked outside lately? The grass getting a little high? If you put your mutt outdoors you'd lose him in the lawn.

You know it's been raining- or do you- with your nose in that thing. I've been working overtime at the mill to pay the bills so you can lay around like a little queen. Did I say little?

Bruce, shut up and be thankful I'm busy. I'm almost done with this level.

Yeah. I lost you to a guy named, Mr. Windows. I can't wait until a few panes get broken. And it may be soon.

Go belly ache someplace else. Go night-night and leave us alone.

Did you say us? You and that laptop is an us?

Please, just go to your room.

I will but I'll be right back.

Bruce, what are you hiding behind your back?

Oh this? It's called a gun, a pistol and back in the 1950's, a rod. It's pretty don't you think?

Not really. What's that long thing at the end of the barrel?

It's a device for deadening the report of the weapon. You see when I shoot this gun the neighbors won't be disturbed by the loud sound. Just place Mr. Windows on the floor in front of you and sit back and cover your eyes. Everything will be fine.

Bruce! Look what you did. Two holes in the screen and two in the key board. You killed it!

Yes, Linda. Time for bed.

Honey, you are so forceful. You do love me.

Yes Linda. I want eggs and bacon for breakfast.

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