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The Golden Dragon

by DragonSkulls

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The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

I've accumulated all my wealth
and gave it little thought,
by any necessary means,
to gain the power sought.

The avenues I chose to take,
unlawful in their ways,
abets the standards I require
despite who it betrays.

Another passion that I hold,
to you I will impart,
I too collect rare artifacts,
appreciating art.

A treasured prize I've waited for,
to add to my empire,
the Golden Dragon, informants clued,
was mine to be acquired.

A statue passed for centuries
through Samurai of old,
a precious family artifact
that's priceless, I was told.

I hired men to steal the piece
I wanted to obtain.
The Japanese Yakuza guard
the transit of the train.

We knew which car the piece was on,
the chopper flew in stealth.
They only killed the sentinels
within the car itself.

Upon retreat we lost a man
they captured in surprise.
I had no doubt they'd torture him
and my name would arise.

Discretion failed and now I know
Yakuza will attack.
The boss will send his most skilled men
to get this Dragon back.

I summoned all my body guards
to reinforce the grounds,
with every weapon that I own,
equipped with extra rounds.

Admiring the work's design
no artist can ignore,
I ponder at the Dragon's worth...
against impending war.


In shadows the assassin waits
outside the mansion walls.
She scales the bricks so easily
and gracefully she falls.

She then surveys and counts her prey
while sizing their defense.
She silently unsheathes her sword;
the killing will commence.

She studies every movement made
while waiting for her chance.
The two armed men that guard the gate
heard not her keen advance.

From behind she skews the first
and instantly he's dead.
She spins to face the other man
while severing his head.

She leaps back in the cloaking dark
and sweeps along the wall.
A single man that guards the west
will be the next to fall.

She dives into a somersault
with very little sound.
Another victim's severed head
falls rolling on the ground.

The guard that stands eight feet away
had witnessed this attack.
She throws a knife that cleaves his skull
before he can react.

She's mastered skills of silent death
and talents to evade.
One by one the outside guards
all fall beneath her blade.

The statue of the Greek god Zeus
gives access to the rail
that circles 'round the banister
in elegant detail.

The closed French doors she finds unlocked
and softly slides inside.
Now blood will spill in earnest where
this thieving man resides.

She slowly peers outside the door.
There's four men in the hall.
With speed and acrobatic grace
she swiftly slays them all.

The door they blocked, now stained in blood,
she knew was where he hid.
Her father ruled the crucial cost
was death for what he did.

She used her sword and taps the door
for sound was now required.
She breached the inner mansion's core
and not one shot was fired.

The door unlocked, the doorknob turned,
she stabbed straight through the wood.
Another fatal blow precise,
he fell right where he stood.

Not one mere moment hesitant,
she dives in through the door.
The last remaining henchman's head
falls rudely to the floor.

She pauses at the tyrants desk.
He stares in discontent.
Upon display, the Dragon sits.
"You're all the Father sent?"

She speaks no words in mocking ruse
and sees his evil plan.
In poor attempt he tries to hide
the weapon in his hand.

He quickly draws and fires a shot.
On skill her faith relies.
The steel deflects the bullet's path
as if she didn't try.

Before he takes another breath
she spins and stabs her foe.
She missed his heart to let him bleed,
assuring he'd die slow.

She turns and softly bows her head
before the Dragon's shine.
Then retrieves the artifact,
this precious piece divine.

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