Mystery and Crime Poetry posted June 3, 2019

This work has reached the exceptional level
If I avoid disasters, I might survive.

I Might Live to See Another Day

by Liberty Justice

I Might Live to survive another day, if I don't ride any
airplanes that dive nose down to the ground, or
I don't get hijacked on planes flying into buildings,
or planes flying into one's bedroom home.
Recently, I had better make sure I don't get ran
over be a huge Titantic-like cruise ship driving upon
the dock on dry land. And, if I don't walk under
a scaffold under construction; then, it may not
fall on my head. Of course, I might live to walk
another day.

And, I might live to see another day, if nobody
blows up the church I am worshiping in.
Also, so importantly, according to recent news
reports, work place violence is on the rise, as
an employee strolled into Virginia Beach
Municipal Building, going floor to floor shooting
his co-workers, killing twelve. So, I'd better
be extra nice to people on my job and hope
and pray, if there is ever another mass
shooting, the gunman will skip over me; then,
I will live another day to tell the story.

Or, I better look behind me and make sure no
mad man is speeding down the sidewalk running
over people like to roll a bowling ball; then,
I might survive to live another day.

Surely, I had better not walk across campus or be the
last one to leave my door, so I won't get raped, robbed
and tortured. Now, I will certainly not go jogging,
running, walking, skipping skating through wooded
dark parks, so danger won't attack me from behind.

I'd better make sure my children attend a school with
metal detectors, locked doors and security guards,
so my children won't be machine gunned down to
the ground. And, I'd better not let my kids walk to and
from school, so no gangster bully won't steal his
tennis shoes; then, my children might live to see
another day.

If I don't sit around in my car in a parking lot, or
in front of my home; then, I might not get shot.
If I don't sell items on websites, and if criminals
don't follow me to my home; then, I might live to
see another day.

If I stay out foreign countries,and never run around
by myself; then, I might not turn up missing and
vanish without a trace;or become a victim of human
trafficking and drugs. If I google events and history
of foreign countries,before I go on vacation, then
perhaps my friend and I won't pass away from a rare
strange virus like a couple did a couple of days ago;
then, we might live to see another day.

If I go drinking and stay out murky swampy waters at
moonlight, perhaps I won't me a nice meal for a big
teeth gigantic mouth alligator. Surely, if I don't dive
in and go swimming with the sharks; then, I won't be
a snack for this hungry huge tooth man eater. Well,
I might live to survive another day.

Free Verse Poetry Contest contest entry


REMEMBER: This is a free verse poem contest, and there are no rules regarding rhymes and meter. The events I have pointed out are detail news and police reports of actual confirmed incidents, often caught on video camera.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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