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Pay the Piper

by djsaxon

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.


In the dark days of old, when the rats were quite bold,
they all came to town in a ute
They carried the plague,
and they also brought ague,
then a Piper arrived with his flute.

The Mayor of the rat-ridden village
regarded the Piper with glee
“We don't have enough cats
to get rid of the rats.
Is there anything you can foresee?”

“Of course, mister Mayor,
there's no wing and no prayer.
I'll just lure them into the river.
It'll cost you a grand
but I have it in hand
You'll be free, and you'll no longer shiver.”

Now it may seem absurd, but quite true to his word,
the Piper delivered with zeal.
The rats were all drowned,
and the mayor was renowned,
but he chose to renege on the deal.

The Piper was pissed. “You're a con man,” he hissed.
“I'll be back in the Spring come what may.
I shall bring a new flute.
Gird your loins, it's a beaut.
And I'll lure your children away.”

And that's what he did, just twelve months on the grid
The children all vanished as one.
“Follow me, little brats.
You're no better than rats.
Now there's no further business. Job's done.”


D J SAXON 2019


I so have to get the limerick form outta my head :-) There is more to life I know. I am fascinated by Edward Lear, and the dark side of so-called fairy tales. The Brothers Grimm still scare the crap out of me. This mythical Piper person just tucked his flute under his arm and wandered into the sunset after decimating an entire village.

The iamb in limericks often varies, as it does in this meagre effort. Meant always to be read out loud, possibly with a pint of dark ale at the ready.

"Ute" is an Australian word for a pick up/flat top. Not quite medieval I know.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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