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They Are My Tics

by Barb Hensongispsaca

I have some tics, they bleed me dry.
Sometimes I want to sit and cry.

I don't go out but when I do
my tics act up - I have a few.

I try so hard to blend right in,
but when I do my tics will win.

I growl and click and jerk and hiss,
all things you see and just can't miss.

I'm loud, obnoxious, and I swear.
It matters not who's standing where.

My head will jerk, my fingers stretch.
Don't run away, you can not catch.

Adults will stare and children laugh.
My friends have been reduced by half.

I click my tongue and blink my eyes,
if unaware, you'll be surprised.

Now you just wait and hear the rest.
I go to church, now that's the test.

I try to sit still as I dare
and just when pastor says the prayer,

my tics kick in, I have to shout
and that's when words like 'damn' come out.

Rhyme about yourself writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a two line eight stanza poem about yourself. Poem can be fact or fiction, funny or sad, but must rhyme.

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Tourette syndrome per Wikepedia

Tourette syndrome (TS or simply Tourette's) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder with onset in childhood, characterized by multiple motor tics and at least one vocal (phonic) tic. These tics characteristically wax and wane, can be suppressed temporarily, and are typically preceded by an unwanted urge or sensation in the affected muscles. Some common tics are eye blinking, coughing, throat clearing, sniffing, and facial movements. Tourette's does not adversely affect intelligence or life expectancy. There is no cure.
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