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This work has reached the exceptional level
Forgiveness after a death.

Tangled Roots In Repose

by LisaMay

My brother’s lying elsewhere, finished with travail and care,
while I am here and not there.
He’s in another country, in the heart of family.
I’m just a twig on life’s tree.

I’ve come to grieve and take stock; I need to settle my shock.
Can such tangled roots break rock?
My heart is a frozen stone. It’s good that I’m here alone;
my feelings will not be shown.

I walk among local graves. Is it true that Jesus saves
cheats and liars, all such knaves?
My brother did not love me; our minds could never agree.
Between us no jollity.

Struggling through all of the years, he never allayed my fears;
cruel words delivered more jeers.
Our distance kept us apart, in miles as well as each heart.
We did not seek a fresh start.

But now I do have regret that our needs were never met.
It’s too late – that sun has set.
As these autumn leaves well know, they can’t keep up with the show.
I’ll have to let it all go.

The birds serenade above; in this place of death there’s love
to provide a gentle shove.
Forgiveness undoes the pain; with peace I can then regain
joy to sing a new refrain. 

The tree above me is old; if it could talk, I’d be told
to grow up, stand tall, be bold.
I bury my hurt at last; it belongs back in the past.
Onto love we must hold fast.

Rhyme writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a rhyming poem, any length, About a member or members,
of your family. Must rhyme, method of rhyme left to writer

Author's Notes:
This line: "in the heart of family. I'm just a twig on life's tree", refers to the fact that my brother (2 years older than me) had lots of family members - a wife, children and grandchildren - while I do not have a partner or children. I am a family of one - a twig, not a branch of the family tree.
It becomes apparent in this poem that my brother and I were not close. He did things that were upsetting to me and to other people. But it was still a shock when I was told he had died, and it had an emotional impact on me. I went for a walk in a local graveyard after hearing the news, just to think about life, death and forgiveness, and realised what a waste of time and energy it is to harbour grudges.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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