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I Do However Strive For Improvement

A chapter in the book The Two of Me

No I'm Not Perfect

by QC Poet

No I'm not perfect,
Flaws I do have and they are plenty, Judgemental, Bluntness, Stubbornness, and Bossy,
are amongst the major flaws I'd select,
though I don't believe they exceed too many,
Mine at times sparkle and are glossy!

They seem to pop-off in the strangest moments,
towards those who are closest to me,
I control them for and on my opponents,
if you follow me around you will see,
they are part of my Humanoid's components,
and may seem harsh causing some to flee!

No I'm not perfect,
I know this and Will Pray for Forgiveness,
and for God to Help me with all My Mortal Flaws,
to remove them all down to the tiniest speck,
and to increase my grasp of their Harmfulness, 
So I can Rightfully Stand Before Him when for Me He Calls.

I Am Not Perfect writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem about a flaw that you see in yourself.

No I'm Not Perfect
I am not perfect
Poem Contest Entry.

1 Samuel 15:25 KJV
Now therefore, I pray thee, pardon my sin, and turn again with me, that I may worship the Lord.

Judgemental: adjective;
1. of or concerning the use of judgment.
* having or displaying an aggressively critical point of view.

Bluntness: adjective;
1. having an obtuse, thick, or dull edge or point; not sharp:
2. abrupt in address or manner:
3. slow in perception or understanding: obtuse:

Stubbornness: adjective;
1. unreasonably obstinate; obstinately unmoving:
2. fixed or set in purpose or opinion; resolute:
3. obstinately maintained, as a course of action:
4. difficult to manage or suppress:
5. hard, tough, or stiff, as stone or wood; difficult to shape or work.

Bossy: adjective;
1. given to ordering people about; overly authoritative; domineering.

Humanoid's: adjective;
1. having human characteristics or form; resembling human beings.
2. noun: a human being:
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