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This work has reached the exceptional level
Following a dream.

Westward Bound

by Boogienights

He came out west, a dream in hand,
bought cattle and a patch of land.
He planned for growth but by and by,
disease took hold, each cow would die.
Dropping, wasted under the sun,
his bad luck he could not outrun.

Until he met a lady there,
with flashing eyes and golden hair.
The moment they touched, both of them knew,
from a small spark, a fire grew.
Together they would start again,
they rode the ranch from end to end.
Their silver spurs shone in the sun,
they knew their future had begun.
More cattle bought, they would survive,
and soon their ranch began to thrive.
Each day love grew, and then a child,
a daughter whose mere glance beguiled.
With flashing eyes and golden hair,
strong and brave as well as fair.

Years later a man came riding by,
whose black heart made the angels cry.
The rancher knew his face it seemed,
sometimes he saw him in his dreams.
He ran toward him, gun in hand,
his feelings conflicted about this man.
"I'm not sure why you came around." The rancher said but stood his ground.
The man said, "I came by to see, just how things stood between you and me."

They once were close, together stood fast,
but those times existed in the past.
Such different paths they took one day,
they parted and went on their way.
Now one was feared, skilled with a gun,
who lived his whole life on the run.
The other a rancher, a family man,
who started out with a dream in hand.

Now both stood face to face that day,
he asked Blackheart to go away.
But envy grew inside so bad,
he wanted what the rancher had.
guns were drawn, a tragic end,
would soon befall one of these men.
Blackheart drew first but didn't fire,
though baseless envy raised his ire.

Suddenly a bullet had struck true,
Blackheart was dying, the rancher knew.
Though neither fired, he was on the ground,
the rancher slowly turned around.
His daughter stood, rifle in hand,
she'd shot Blackheart, she took a stand.
The rancher set her rifle down,
his daughter wept without a sound.
"I saved you pa." Is what she said.
"I couldn't let him shoot you dead."
His wife and daughter clung and cried,
and slowly both went back inside.

The rancher cradled Blackheart's head,
he prayed a little, then he said,
"Big brother I wish you could somehow know,
no matter what I loved you so."
He buried the brother he loved the most,
sometimes at night, he'd see his ghost.
But only when the moon was high,
he'd see his spirit passing by.

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