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Well, they looked big...

I Saw 'em, Dad. Monsters

by Gail Denham

I Saw 'em, Dad. Monsters

Chad couldn't tell the truth if someone
pried his mouth open and pulled polite
words from his throat with metal forceps.

He'd start out with a story of how Franklin,
his Irish Setter probably snuck in and tipped
over the brownie plate that Chad left too close
to the counter's edge when he snagged
a bunch and stuffed 'em in his pockets.

Yet, somehow, from the moment Franklin
supposedly edged open the screen, and Chad
could talk around his mouthful of brownie,
the story changed.

His mom and dad came home about then
and surveyed the broken plate -- brownie bits
all over the lino. "What the heck happened,
Chad? Come here."

"Oh boy. You should have seen 'em, Dad.
Three of four of them. Huge, maybe
tall as the house. Me and Franklin
barely escaped with our lives.

"We hid in the broom closet and listened
to the growls and grunts as them monsters
gobbled the brownies. We stayed there
till we heard them thump out the screen.

"Boy did they smell. When I peeked out
I saw their fangs -- 6 inches long, and big
black claws. Gobblin' up them brownies.

"So you see, Dad. That's why me
and Franklin snuck to the living room
and crouched behind the sofa till
we heard 'em leave.
"Weirdest thing, doncha' think?"

A Monster writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type about what makes a monster a monster.

Chad also had a little trouble with exaggeration, but he could whup up a big tale in a hurry - especially when brownies or cookies were at stake. He did give Franklin one small bite.
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