Spiritual Poetry posted March 17, 2019

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Her peace defined, Adewpearl (audio Poem)

Pathway to Love

by RGstar

Pathway To Love

With fresh allure meanders a brackish breeze through hollows of my heart
Within its murmur, soft whisperings and forebodings, with aim to tear me apart
But, oh to remember bright days in September when, she, a late season sought
Awaiting grey, with rhyme she'd belay such words of beauty to every thought

...on her pathway to love


When heard of clouds, in haste, ample at her door, pinning purpose to the floor
Time brash through her gate, clothed in lace, slight of face, yet she stayed sure
For lonely that walk before, on some desolate shore--sleet and hail at her back
Now, so quiet a river found, still of sound, saffron heady off that beaten track

...on her pathway to love

No more that chill, and erosion of will, that would breaths of uncertainty endorse
That stilling of hearts, with amiable ambiguity, whence dread and hope converse
Peaceful now the view, for still waters and green grass shall no rotten fruit yield
Neither shall her feet stumble, nor unopened eyes stray that blinding light afield

...on her pathway to love

So on through sweet petrichor stride, where wet leaves reside, 'neath branches low
Among geraniums and rose, a wish or suppose: a brief touch of pink violets that flow
Asleep in dreams of bygone days and grandson's ways; visions of a place high above
There, share a cup of sweet freedom with 'One'...smiling, softly, on her pathway to love

RIP, my friend (RGstar 17-03-2019)

Poem of the Month contest entry



"Her summers, bold, predominantly gold
Now winters scold; so callously cold
Her autumn, she said, would soon bear fruit
Once bitten must follow the piper's flute
Whose spring, refined, with peppermint and thyme
Awaits her gently with verses and rhyme"

Above an excerpt from my poem 'Only A Boy' from 2015, written for Brooke when became Ill (poem of the month), in conjunction with a grandson she loved so very much and was source for most of her late work. She fought long and hard, and was never far from our thoughts. Mother here for a long while, she once told an author to "listen to RG's rhythm in poetry"...She bid me continue with audio, as then just a passing experiment...once telling me she played my audio through speakers loud. What more could any author ask from another author? There was a deep extreme respect and love for this little lady...and so shall that continue.

With heavy heart, I say:
Goodbye my dear friend RIP..though gone, not forgotten.
God Bless you.

Also my respects for the passing of the late, Michael Cahill.

WHENCE= from which place, from where it came
PETRICHOR= the sweet smell after rain on warm ground
BELAY= bind, tied (with rope) to something, fester
Brackish= salty
HEADY=potent, intoxicating
Amiable= friendly
AFIELD=in the distance
AMBIGUITY= , deceiving, unclear
FORBODING= fearful expectation or anticipation, pemonition

This poem is written with an open syllable count. Please allow your prefernce for reading, with audio or silent. Mute volume for silent read.
MUSIC, and fantastic flute, from my friend and composer, the fantastic Kerri Powles.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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