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Educational fiction about bullying

A chapter in the book Thomas Gommal Learns about Bullying

Thomas Goes To School

by Shirley McLain

Thomas's has told his family about being bullied by Crusher/Paul. They had a two-day family meeting and came up with a plan to deal with the situation. This chapter Thomas returns to school to put the
Monday morning Thomas got out of bed and got ready for school without having all the anxiousness he’d had before. He now had a plan in place to deal with Crusher thanks to his parents and Uncle Mike.

Emily placed Thomas’s scrambled eggs and bacon on the table and then yelled up the stairs. “Thomas, breakfast is on the table. Hurry up I don’t want you late for school.”

“I’ll be right down Mom. Just give me another minute,” Thomas yelled back. He finished what he had to do and went to the table.

“Good morning, son,” Emily said as she grabbed Thomas when he ran by, hugging and kissing him on the head. “Are you all prepared for school today?”

“Mom, if you're talking about Crusher, yes I am.”

“Honey don’t think this is going to change overnight because it isn’t. You have to remember when he’s not picking on you; he is harassing someone else. You have to stand up to him then also. Locate the nearest adult before you go up to him. That way you don’t have to waste time looking for the teacher.”

“Okay, I’ll do that. I almost feel like I’m going to war.”

“In a sense you are. You are battling what is wrong with what is right. Your dad and I were talking after you went to bed and we think you should start calling him by his first name instead of Crusher. It will take a while for him to get used to it. If you can get your friends to do it, so much the better.  You can expect him to scream a lot.”

“That’s going to make him very mad, Mom, but I’ll do it.”

“If you need me, go to the office and call me. I'll be right there.  It’s time for you to leave. Have a good day, Son. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Thomas grabbed his books, and out the door, he went.

As soon as Thomas walked onto the school grounds, he looked around putting everyone in their place in his mind. A teacher was standing by the bus unloading area and another out on the schoolyard.

He spotted Crusher, no, I mean Paul. I have to use his real name. He was standing at the corner of the building with some boy backed up to the wall.

Here goes, “Hello Paul, how are you this morning?” Thomas asked.

Paul instantly stopped harassing the boy and turned to Thomas. “What did you call me?”

“I called you by your name. Please stop bothering Harry. What you're doing is not right, and I will tell the teachers.”

“Well aren’t you the big talker now. Harry, you can leave. Thomas and I are going to talk.” Harry took off running like a scared rabbit.

Thomas looked him directly in the eyes. “No, Paul, we’re not. Leave me alone.” Thomas turned around and walked to the playground towards the teacher.  “Mrs. Johnson, can I talk to you a minute," Thomas asked.”

Paul walked close to Thomas trying to intimidate him, but when Thomas called out to the teacher, Paul turned and went the other direction. Thomas walked up to Mrs. Johnson. “Mrs. Johnson, a bunch of the kids and myself are having a problem with being bullied.”

“What? I mean who is bullying you?”

“It’s Paul Cusher and the group of boys he hangs around with.”

“I’m sure you just misunderstood his actions, but I will talk to Mr. Smith about it in the morning at our teacher's conference. You do remember there’s no school tomorrow?”

“No, I didn’t but thanks for telling me and for telling Mr. Smith about the bullying.”

Thomas was smiling thinking about not having to go to school the next day and wasn’t paying attention. When he was almost at the door, he heard Paul.

“Hey, four-eyes,” Paul called out. “You're a dead kid,  you wait. I'm going to make you pay.”

Thomas acted as if he hadn’t heard him and went straight into the school. He knew the real trouble was about to start.


Bullying is a nationwide and possibly a worldwide epidemic in schools among male and females. This book is appropriate for ages 10 and above to help them understand and learn ways to deal with bullying. Please feel free to make any suggestions. I want this short book to be a learning tool as well as a fictional story to enjoy.
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