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Our lone survivor finds herself fleeing a demon

A chapter in the book Breach

Death Match

by Candace Nola

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

This is a continuation of my novel Breach. The lone survivor is a young woman who fled after a brutal attack on her friends, unknowingly she stepped through a breach in the veil between realities.
The hours slowly passed as I waited for dawn; time seemed to be funny here, longer somehow, or maybe my mind was just playing with my senses. With no way to tell time, I was unable to say for sure. The Jack Flies were quietly perched beside me so I closed my eyes. If they were peaceful then for now, I could rest.

Sleeping fitfully, nightmares filled my mind and haunted my soul. A sound broke the night, broke straight through to my dream and my eyes snapped open. I woke abruptly, blood cold in my veins. A shrill cry had broken the silence; it reached all the way into my nightmare and pulled me out, cold and afraid.

Panic set in as I leapt to my feet, I knew that sound! Frenzied "Tsk'ing" filled the air warning as the Jack flies lifted in flight. The banshee and its demon were shrieking in the night, echoing off the rocks. It was here and it was hunting.

A chaotic rush of creatures flew past us, a frenzy of wings and legs whisking them away into the dark. Joining them, I fled, barely able to see their shadowy shapes as they flew ahead of us.

Fleeing through the pitch black, I ran blindly, sending pebbles and rocks flying underfoot. I could hear the demons paws bounding through the trees, seconds behind me. It bellowed a roar that blasted the back of my neck with heat and spittle. White noise blared in my ears, panic overruled all other sound, all other senses. One false move and I would die. Adrenaline shot through my veins, giving me strength and speed I never thought possible. I hurtled through the night.

My right shoulder slammed into a rock, sending me careening to one side, stumbling, I almost went down, my left arm dragged the rocky ground and I pushed myself upright, maintaining my flight. Jaws snapped at the edge of my jacket! A split second longer and it would have me.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" hurtled from my mouth, a mantra of the living, keeping me alive, keeping me flying. The banshee dove at us, again and again, shrieking as it chased us through the night.
I barreled through the darkness; the Jack and Jill's surrounding me in a buzzing cocoon, in an effort to guide me.

We flew past rocks, past other animals, and leapt over crevices. The demon was snapping at my heels. I could barely find purchase on the smooth crystallized rock, but I pushed on. My jacket scraped against boulders, my pockets thumped against my legs, full of small fruits and berries. I clutched my knife in my right hand in a death grip, my only defense at this moment.

Stumbling in a crater, my ankle rolled and I went down, screaming insanely as I fell. Time slowed down, stood still. I could see the edges of the jagged ravine I was sliding down, could see the tiny wings of the flies in full detail. I could see the hackles of the beast, just behind me, raised. Saliva dripped, drop by drop, from its roaring mouth. The fangs snapping shut inches in front of my face. My heartbeat thudding in my ears and slamming against my chest.

The banshee flew at me, screeching, a flurry of foul gray rags and mist. I slashed out with my knife, screaming, catching the demon's outstretched leg and sending it flying to the left.

Barely a second passed before it was up and on me, straddling me as I crashed sideways into its body. Massive roars filled my face, fetid breath gagging me as I gasped for air. I threw my arms up across my face, knife blade slashing across its jaw. It roared with rage but did not move, it's powerful jaw clamped down on my left arm, teeth tearing into my flesh and I howled in pain as agony flashed through my body and overwhelmed me. The sound of my bones breaking filled my ears.

Driven by pain and desperation, I slashed at it, over and over with my knife. The demon was thrashing my body against the rocks, my arm crushed in its mouth. Incoherent screams spewed from my mouth as buzzing filled the air.

The Jack flies swarmed it, tearing into its flesh but the beast was too strong for them. It ignored their ferocious attacks and slammed me against the rocks. I could not give in, would not let go. I stabbed at it, again and again. The blade cut deep with sickening squelches, blood coated my hand, red and silver rivulets flowed over the black ground.

My head crashed into a rock, my vision blurred; pain blossomed in my brain like fireworks exploding into the air. Screaming, I furiously kept hacking at the beast with my blade. Kicking and flailing wildly, I tore my crushed arm free. The black beast pounced, slamming me to the ground, jaws snapping at my face. Saliva coated my skin as it issued a violent roar, my blade, the only thing between it and my throat.

My body went rigid, incomprehensible fear coating every pore. We breathed as one, monster and prey, bloodied, battered, rage fueling our veins. We were locked in a death match, my blade at its throat. Its paws pinning me to the ground. It roared again and again, as my body shook violently beneath it. Buzzing filled the air again, as my faithful flies changed tactics and swarmed the face of the beast, blinding it. The banshee swirled violently around us, shrieking its rage. The sound made my blood run cold and froze my soul.

Seizing the opportunity, I slashed up and across its throat, tearing through fur, flesh and muscle. Blood spewed forth from the gash. Voicing all of my pain, fury and despair into that moment, summoning all the energy that I had left, I slashed at its throat, again and again. Finally, the beast slumped to the side, howling, blind and bleeding silver. Weakly, I struggled to a sitting position, half under the beast and blind fury took over. I stabbed it again. I slashed at its bloody carcass over and over, until I could no longer lift my arm.

Collapsing onto the ground, covered in the silver blood of the beast and deep scarlet of my own; I lay there shaking with pain, fear and blood loss. My legs were pinned under the beast. Pain flooded my body as adrenaline waned. I unleashed a primal howl of fury, grief and terror. As everything went black, the banshee filled my vision, still shrieking with rage.


Rough draft. Revisions will be made based on suggestions. Appreciate all advice.
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