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Whispering Ancestors and Spirits?

A chapter in the book The Two of Me

Chochee's Spirit of Vision

by QC Poet

Chochee shortly after he began dating, was asked by his Princess to take her to visit a girlfriend of hers for a get together of her friends.
They talked about it and agreed that it was a good idea to meet some of her friends as it was highly likely they would eventually run into them while out and about. The appointed evening arrived and they went, along with some get together party supplies.

After the greetings and introductions were said they walked into the kitchen area (if memories serves correctly), where upon being seated and some more introductions to others already there, Chochee sat with his Princess and began scanning the interior with an unusual feeling begining to tingle at his senses unexpectedly.

Chochee now a couple of years or so into his teenage experimentive substance and drinking years, began to focus on the sensations enveloping his senses. Looking around, he again began examining his surroundings.
After a few more minutes he leaned closer in to his Princess and softly asked her, "have we been here before"? She then silently replied "not that I remember, not with me".

Some more casual conversation continued but, a nagging feeling and some flashing scenes of the distinct checker-board black and white patterned flooring continued to speak to Chochee whispering, "Remember, remember"???

Chochee now a few beers, other party supplies and snacks in, again began examining his surroundings and asked his Princess softly again, "Are you sure we've never been here before"?
She then replied more in her natural voice yet still below companies earshot, "no why do you ask again"?
Chochee now focused on her replied, "I get the weird feeling I've been here before, there's something about this room and color pattern of the floor that seems strangely familiar".

With the arrival of other guests they eventually went outside for air, a stretch, a smoke, or something of that nature and the moment and feeling fled with the winds of time.
As more time passed into the future, Chochee and his Princess would reflect upon that day and continue to ponder this coincidental unusual event, then laughingly reflected on other shared experiences in time.

Today a now aging couple of forty four years, reflected upon that incident once again, as Chochee now has begun writing about some of the intriguing yet unresolved mysteries faced through his life's winding journey.

With a Loving Remembrance and a still yearning Free Spirit, he now hears echoes of his Father, his Ancestors and God;
Laughingly, Smiling above, Shaking their Heads nodding and whispering; Remember!, remember!

Spiritual inner visions contest entry

Foot Note;
To completely understand the end of this story,
See; The Two of Me
Chapter 3 paragraph 4 ONLY,
Little Chochee's Adventures, Memories of My Pre/School Days

My best guess now is we did the gardening there before for a previous owner and I had to use their restroom by passing through that kitchen. If so my Father, Ancestors and God are both correct and direct; Remember!

By; Chochee Medina
aka; George Martinez
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