Biographical Poetry posted February 11, 2019

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Sometimes, a slip of the tongue happens.

No Mom's Perfect

by Brigitte Elko

Sitting at the dinner table anticipating,
four hungry eyes gaping at the
bowl of first fresh stalks of corn
this was the first of the harvest treat

Six hungry hands reached and grabbed
an ear to crunch with butter, salt and pepper
Mom was last, as always, to get the chance,
salivating, a slippery ear she picked

From hand to mouth, a short way
somehow , the ear slipped, hit the floor
splat it went and for the very first time
Mrs. Cleaver type mom dropped the F bomb
all coughing, all choked out corn in disbelief

Dinner went on, deafening silence was heard
stunned family ate, never in her life
had this woman said a nasty word
losing fresh corn had a cursing effect

Mom picked up the ear and went to the sink
she needed some time to recover herself
washed the corn, back to the table saying,
"Don't know were that came from, hmm, sorry."

From Mrs. perfect Cleaver
she changed into a real person "Mom"
even her husband shook his head
but they kept on eating smiling slyly

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Actually, this did happen and the kids and my husband were shocked. Back in the seventies, profanity was a no, no. I was so embarrassed and this episode has never been forgotten
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