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Inspired By A Late FS Friend - Thanks Sasha, We Miss You!

A chapter in the book Geoff's Ramblings

Introduction to Geoff's Rambles

by Sankey

This collection is a continuation of my life, I guess as a substitute for an erstwhile "Addendum" to my life story, recently completed and yet to be published called:
"The Little Dog That Wouldn't Let Go!" Subtitled "GOD NEVER LETS GO!"

A fellow writer friend said...
"If you keep adding more, you will never finish."
- always feeling like you want to add something else. We always feel like, even after a "work" or project is completed, we need to add more.

VOILA! This collection of Rambles, an idea of a friend who has written her own bunch of Rambles. I hope you will enjoy the journeyand there may be even more in the near future. We previously attempted, elsewhere to make the HTML links LIVE to go directly to chapters. I have since seen another FS'er place the HTML links in her index for readers to copy and place in their "URL" bars to go to whatever chapter you wish to read. Note I have done the same, below the chapter names for you to copy and paste in the appropriate place to go to that connected chapter.

INDEX: (So Far!)
1.Last Time Op-
This Time Cream App.
2. More Trials
and Tribulations.
3. Thtop Thinning -
A Kind Of Spiritual Joke.

4. A-Tissue, A-Tissue,
We All Fall Down.
5. The End Of An Era -
A Sad Parting.

6. Coping With Change.
7. As We Grow Older, More Happens.
Further Developments.

8.Trams, Medical Changes & So On.
Mixed Ramble - Part 2

9. Just Another Of Geoff's Rambles.

10. Christmas Not The Same For Everyone.
You Don't Understand - You Have Kids.

11. Anxiety In The Rain.
Another Geoff's Ramble.

12. A Recipe Ramble - Geoff's Pizza.

13. Jay And Other Kinds Of Walkers.

14.More Adventures In Diet.

15. Joy In Walking - When You Can.

16. Walks & Wobbles & Movies. - More Recent Happenings.

17.Australia Compared To USA. Another Ramble- A bit Different.

18,Ramble 1 for 2020. Update & General Whinge/Whine.

19.Ramble 2- 2020. Moon Crater Reruns

20.Ramble 3 -2020. Things Are Improving- Back to Walks.

21,Ramble 4 - 2020.Diet Rotation, Head Healed and more.

22.First Geoff's Mixed Ramble for 2021
A chapter in the book Geoff's Ramblings
A Lot Going On!

23. Geoff's Ramble No 2, 2021

Into Our City, Some Firsts for Louise
A chapter in the book Geoff's Ramblings

24 Mixed Ramble No 3, 2021

A look back in time and other dramas.
A chapter in the book Geoff's Ramblings.

25 Mixed Ramble No 4 for 2021

More Medical & Reasons we do stuff.

26 Ramble No 5, 2021

New and updated inventions.

27 Ramble No 1. 2023.

Here We Are Again! (Coming soon!)


I decided on this way of adding more to my book "The Little Dog That Wouldn't Let Go" I just got finished, so as not to leave things "up in the air" and me still feeling I had to add more to my story.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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