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The Trial of Americas Biggest Serial Killer


by Marc Grimaldi

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

For those, who are unaware of the events surrounding the heinous crimes of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, let me provide a brief summary of them here, before highlighting some of the startling key points that were brought out in the movie, "Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer."

Dr. Kermit Gosnell was a former physician and abortion provider, whose large practice was located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While chasing down leads concerning the illegal sale of numerous (literally thousands) of prescription drug scripts (for opioids such as OxyContin), both the FBI and the local police were led to Dr. Gosnell and his office. However, upon searching the office, what the police found made the prescription drug scandal look like a cotton candy investigation. The large building was latent with extremely unsanitary conditions, such as blood spattered floors, roaming cats and cat feces, unsanitized instruments, outdated medications, significantly broken and outdated medical equipment, dispersed hazardous waste bags filled with mutilated fetuses and fully developed baby parts (all over the halls, in refrigerators, on shelves...etc), a collection of baby feet in jars, and so much more. All in all, it looked like a scene from an infant horror movie, from the basement to the top floor, which is what led Dr. Gosnell to inherit the title, "America's most prolific serial killer."

After a very difficult trial, and a huge coverup (from the media, local government officials and many others), the DA was (by the grace of God) able to convince the grand jury of Dr. Gosnell's guilt, such that he was convicted of first degree murder in the deaths of three infants who were born alive (whose spinal cords he had severed with a pair of medical scissors), one count of involuntary manslaughter of a young woman who was drugged to death during an abortion (by unqualified staff), twenty-one felony counts of illegal late-term abortions, and two hundred and eleven counts of violating a 24-hour informed consent law. In a plea agreement to not appeal the verdict, Gosnell was spared the death penalty and sentenced to life in prison.

Nick Searcy (who also played Dr. Gosnell's defense attorney in the movie), did a tremendous job directing the movie, sticking very close to the facts of the events and case. The overall acting was very well done, as well. However, what was most thought provoking and hard hitting to me personally, were the profound ironies that erupted out of the actual events that surrounded Dr. Gosnell's horrific murder frenzy and trial. These ironic realities contain, what I believe to be, the essential reason for the media blackout concerning the Gosnell trial, such that even many movie theaters had refused to carry the film. After all, if it's just about a doctor who has failed to meet various legal codes and standards, you can certainly isolate him from the rest, who are doing things "the right way." But, there's more than meets the eye here...and those in high places know it! To be sure, there's a lot of "politics" involved in this atrocious coverup, and all in the name of "women's rights" (the sacred cow that no one wants to touch).

1) Let me begin by addressing the cold hearted, politically numbed, grand jury judge, whose approval or not (of the trial), would determine if the prosecution could even try the case. When the horrific nature of all that Dr. Gosnell had done was brought to her attention, as the DA sought her approval to validate a grand jury trial, the judge was overtly irritated and blatantly stated that she would not approve the trial, if it in any way brought any negative light to the topic of abortion. She wasn't having that! Regardless of brutalized, mutilated babies (which should have shocked her, or anyone with a soul for that matter), the threat to "women's rights" was a no no.

But, here's the irony! Later on, when the DA and the lead detective, having more than sufficient evidence to convict Dr. Gosnell of His atrociously, diabolical acts, express their desire (before the same judge) to arrest Gosnell and to hold him until the trial is resolved, Gosnell (ironically, as well), replies with a sense of fear covering his face, "Oh my, what will I do with my turtles." He then explained how he had a few fish tanks with rare species of turtles in them, and how he was concerned that they would not be able to be fed properly, in his absence! Now, the DA and the detective look at each other in shock like, "Is this guy serious? He's concerned about turtles? What color is the sky in his world?" But then (brace yourself!), the judge (remember, the one who hardly flinched over the barbarity of all that had taken place and was solely concerned that the sacred cow of woman's rights not be grazed...) tells them that she has a great respect for endangered species and supports endangered species activists! And then, she ordered that the DA have the turtles well taken care of! Now, for all you turtle lovers out there, I don't object to caring for the turtles. That's fine. But, the irony, in light of everything else that was going on in that building, is brighter than the sun! Turtles? How about precious, soul bearing, human beings, in their most vulnerable and needy state?

And so, the DA was forced to try the case on the judges terms, not daring to touch the sacred cow of "women's rights" and abortion. But, at least the turtles were safe, right?

2) In what was, beyond the shadow of any doubt, the most important and revealing scene; the home run of the entire movie, it is, ironically, the defense attorney who, defending America's most prolific serial killer, actually makes the case and connects the dots that no one wants to admit. Follow me closely, here.

The DA called another abortion doctor, Dr. North, to take the stand, with the intention of showing how Dr. Gosnell's, particularly unsanitary and horrific practices, were isolated crimes that would never have been accepted in properly run abortion facilities. This would not only have helped convict Dr. Gosnell of his horrific crimes, but furthermore, from the standpoint of the abortion industry, it would have served to isolate him as a vile, criminal outcast, who did things inhumanely, unlike the rest of the nice, clean, sanitary, humane abortion clinics. This was the greatest opportunity for "women's rights" to remain intact, while dealing with the diabolical murderer...or at least, so they thought. Boy, did this move backfire on the prosecution! And here is where the media blackout probably finds its root motivation for burying the Gosnell trial, so that people won't see and face reality. And this is the scene that compels, perhaps, the greatest motivation for seeing the entire movie!

After the prosecution questions Dr. North, and shows how her practice falls nicely within the state guidelines (she's the Mary Poppins of the abortion industry), the defense attorney gets up and tears her to shreds, ultimately and brilliantly showing that, at the end of the day, Dr. North (and all abortionists, for that matter) are not so different than Dr. Gosnell. It's ultimately undeniable that they all do the same dirty work. When asked how many abortions she has performed at her practice, Dr. North, flaunting her far reaching experience, states (as if to solidify her knowledge of how abortions should humanely be done), "Over 30,000." Oh boy, she must know her stuff! But, little did she know that she was working her way right into the hands of the defense.

Mr. Cohen (the defense attorney) then pulls out a small bag of instruments and turns on a monitor that is set up near the witness stand. He proceeds to pull out a needle-like device which is about a foot long, and he asks Dr. North if she knows what it is, and what it's for. "Yes," Dr. North responds, "We use that to stop the heartbeat of the fetus when it is in the womb" (she makes it a point to avow that they never harm the fetus, outside of the womb, as if, somehow, being inside makes the fetus any less viable). Mr. Cohen then adds, "And where do you stick this needle, so as to stop the heartbeat?" While placing the needle in front of the monitor, which now has an ultrasound image of an infant's head pictured on it, he adds, "Here?" Seeing the needle pointed at the back of the babies head, Dr. North responds, "No." After pointing to a few other locations and receiving the same response, Mr. Cohen eventually makes his way over to the back of the neck, where the spinal cord is located, "Here?" And Dr. North, nodding, says, "Yes."

Mr. Cohen then walks Dr. North through the abortion procedure, leading her to explain how she vacuums out the fetus's brain, collapses the skull (so that the baby can be easily removed from the womb), and proceeds to pull out the baby piecemeal with large tongs (a pair of which, Mr. Cohen also pulls out of his bag, as he walks her through the details). Throughout the course of this dialog, Mr. Cohen, repeatedly undresses Dr. North's softening language (she says "gray matter," he reveals "brains;" she says "comfort care," he reveals "letting the baby slowly die"...etc), and by the time the cross examination ends, even Dr. North cannot help but sense that what she is doing, is really not that much different than what Dr. Gosnell has been doing all along, namely, horrifically killing and dismembering unborn children. Yes, Dr. Gosnell's practices were not so "sanitary." He was far more messy. But, at the end of the day, living children were being savagely put to death, placed in hazardous waste bags and discarded. Snipping the spinal cord of a baby, delivered outside of the womb, is really not so different from jabbing a needle into the same spinal cord, shutting down the heart beat, and dismembering a child inside of the womb. Dr. North and Dr. Gosnell were both siblings from the same murderous mother! Only, Dr. North dressed her horrific practice up in beautiful flowers and covered the stench with perfume and sweet smelling aromatic spices. She remained within the state's legal parameters.

And so, Mr. Cohen managed to completely dismantle this witness, but in doing so, he also (perhaps, unknowingly), lifted a billboard that boldly stated, "All abortion is equally horrific and evil." He destroyed the distinction that could have protected every other abortion provider. And so, although, he later lost the case (for other reasons), he also (albeit ignorantly), struck the "sacred cow!" I would plead with the reader to watch the movie, if only to see this one scene, as I have inadequately presented in words, that which is far better viewed in action. Suffice it to say then, that this scene alone, no doubt, has significantly served to help produce the media blackout.

3) Two other profound realities worth mentioning (the second of which, will follow in the next observation) will give you a small taste of the way, in which, the media and the local government sought to cover up the heinous atrocities committed by Dr.

First then, let's deal with the media. In the movie, Searcy reveals the truth about the media blackout by reenacting something profound that took place (or perhaps, better stated, didn't take place). As the DA and the head detective are en route to the courtroom for the first time, they are coached about how to respond to the overwhelming mob of media personnel who will most certainly be there. It's a given. Any trial, especially of such a heinous nature as this, will be swamped by media! And so, they arrive at the courtroom building and nervously exit the vehicle, hoping to be prepared to say very little, and to endure the badgering and hassle that will soon ensue.

But then, interestingly enough, the front of the building and the steps are virtually vacant? Well, okay, maybe they all somehow managed to squeeze themselves into the halls of the building. But, as they enter the building and into the courtroom, the seats are all empty, with the exception of a single, low level, blogger, who has an interest in the trial! One watching the movie cannot help but be overwhelmed with shock as you view all of the empty seats, labeled "reserved for media." Now, this would be a small matter if the director had added this to the movie, simply to score some emotional brownie points with his audience. But, this is really what happened, and it continued to happen for several days into the trial!

Finally, it's the lone blogger who heroically takes action (kudos to her!) by taking a picture of the empty seats and repeatedly blogging about how the media was absent at such an important trial involving a serial murderer, who has been charged with committing some of the most heinous acts imaginable. And eventually, her picture (of the empty seats) winds up on the front page of the local paper, which then in turn, compels the media to show up and pack out the courtroom. A low level blogger had to put a fire under the media's seat, in order to get them out to do their job! But, who else was behind this media blackout? Why was word of this important trial not spreading? Hmmm, we can only wonder. Had she left things alone, who knows if anyone would have ever even heard of Dr. Kermit

4) For the sake of not making an already lengthy article more lengthy, I will add one more stark coverup that took place, which reaches to a much higher level.

There is a scene where the DA is addressing a counsel, and the government health inspector is present. Turning to the health inspector, the DA questions how in the world they allowed this type of barbarity, along with all of the very visible unsanitary conditions of the medical facility, to continue to take place (for many years) without taking any action against Dr. Gosnell? She highlights the gravity of the matter by pointing out that even nail salons are inspected yearly, to ensure that they are up to code...etc. The health inspector then points out that they were ordered not to investigate the facility unless there were formal complaints. Frustrated beyond relief, the DA walks over to another table (or desk?) and picks up a few stacks of paper-clipped documents and drops them on the table, in front of the health inspector. "What about these?," she adds. Embarrassed, the health inspector's only response was that they had orders from the higher ups (government officials, anyone?) to conduct themselves in the way that they did! Indeed, one physician spoke of how he hand delivered his own complaint, concerning some of his patients who had gotten ill (STDs and such) under Dr. Gosnell's care, because of the unsanitary conditions (unsterilized instruments, bloody blankets, the stench of cat urine and feces...etc). But (surprise, surprise!), he never got a response. Oh, there were many who were unwilling to upset the "sacred cow" cart in this ordeal!

There is so, so much more that can be said, but I am hoping that this handful of facts will motivate every reader to see this movie, especially if you are presently pro-choice, before it all passes on into forgone history, hardly noticed.

Before concluding this article, let me make one urgent appeal to women in particular, followed by what I believe to be the only viable solution to dealing with the infant murder that continues to take place, daily, right in our own backyards.

There's a lot of money shuffling through the abortion industry (320,000 unborn babies are murdered every year by Planned Parenthood alone, turning a yearly profit of $1.46 billion, with half a billion coming from taxpayers!). Woman, I appeal to you. Please understand, that this multi-billion dollar industry has duped you into believing that this is about "women's rights." They have molded and fashioned the sacred cow by tampering with your emotions and pride, telling you that you are "less than" and "inferior" (painful buzz words) if you allow anyone to tell you what you should or should not do with your body. This is not about your body. This is not about ordering women to wear particular makeup, keep their hair a certain length or style, dress this way or that way, talk this way or that way, work this job or that job...etc. This is about the precious children that begin life in the womb. It's where God has ordained to plant life, following the loving union of a man and a woman. It's beautiful and precious, and a wonderful privilege given to women that men cannot experience. But, these young ones are incapable of speaking for a time, and so, it can be very easy to silence them (to take away their lives) in the name of convenience and personal discomfort. But, it's life, nonetheless. And it is murder to take that life away. You must recognize this! Women's rights have nothing to do with the matter. And, is it worth taking the life of a single child, all in the name of "women's rights," anyway? Women, of all people, ought to be sensitive to the rights of an unborn child. See through the power loving, money driven, blood sucking motives of the politicians, who have taken a deep financial interest in keeping the abortion industry going. They are blinded by dollar signs and have no problem walking over the torn and mutilated, lifeless corpses of your children, to build their little kingdoms. You can help stop this genocide, perhaps, more than anyone else.

Finally, to all, I say, abortion is one of the many horrific evidences of mankind's natural depravity. It is a symptom of a much deeper problem. And if we don't deal with the root problem, the evil act of abortion, even if completely stopped, will only manifest itself in other forms of evil and wickedness. Every form of evil (murder, hatred, stealing, lying, cheating, lust...etc) forms a billboard that shouts aloud, "Something is terribly wrong with mankind!"

But, the good news is that God, by His Word (the Bible) has revealed both the problem and the only solution, to us. The problem is that we are all born in sin, because our first parents rebelled and sinned against our God. We've inherited their nature, which compels us, likewise, to sin against God, in every way imaginable. But, the good news is that God has sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into this world (over 2000 years ago) to die on behalf of sinners, so that, we could be reconciled to God. Following His death, God raised Him from the dead, affirming the success of His sacrificial work on behalf of sinners.

This reconciliation to our Creator is essential, not only for changing how we live now, but also for guaranteeing us a place in heaven, with Him, following our death. If you believe in this Jesus, you will find acceptance with God and eternal life. "Whoever calls upon the Name of the Lord will be saved" (Romans 10:13)! It is this good news (the Gospel) alone, which changes hearts and lives from the inside out, leading us to love God and others. The Gospel is our only hope!

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