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When does a woman attain this state of grace?

Little Old Lady Status

by Jaye Bennett

She has been relegated to "Little Old Lady" status.

At an appointment with her doctor, one of his first questions was "Are you pretty active around the house?"

She thought her answer surprised him.

She said, "No, I'm really not. By the time I get there, I'm usually ready to crash."

At that time, she was working full time with a thirty-minute commute morning and night. She left home at six in the morning.

Her mother was in a long-term care facility. She went by each evening, fed her mother the evening meal, and visited for a while before she went on home, somewhere around seven in the evening.

It was true; she was ready to crash by the time she got home; most of her being "active around the house" happened on weekends.

That isn't the whole story; her doctor had his own tale.

He and his wife were visiting in New York City, and while there they had to take a subway. When they entered the car, there was an empty seat for his wife, but he had to stand. A teen-age girl graciously gave him her seat. His comment was "I guess I attained 'Old Geezer' status."

They both commented on how nice it was of the girl to give up her seat. Others might talk about how terrible young people are today, but she and her doctor thought most of them were thoughtful, delightful young people. More power to them.

Since then, on a regular basis, she has had younger men and women offer her a seat, when none were available. If her doctor attained "Old Geezer" status, she thinks she must have attained "Little Old Lady" status.

Thank you, to all of those young people. They helped her, and her doctor. Older people don't tend to "stand" well; they welcome those seats.

They also helped her and her doctor keep their high opinions of the young people of the day.

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