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Furnishing the cottage

A chapter in the book Murder and the Angry Avenger

Changes, Part 2

by krprice

Franci is trying to find the killer of MJ while caring for cats and getting used to being wealthy.
I showered and sat at the kitchen table with some tea and called Mr. Carlson.

"This is Franci Kimball," I said. "Do you happen to know who owns the land from my house to the end of the street? I think it's called Marisal Way. And how large is it? I'd like to build an animal shelter there."

"You do, and it's twelve acres," he said. "I'll immediately get the papers filled out for you to sign and start the procedure for a permit."

"I'll come by in the morning," I said. "I'm bushed." Then I explained why.

"Glad to see it's going to be used again," he said. "See you tomorrow. Bye."


Jeremy came down with a wet head, and I told him about the shelter.

"We certainly need that." He filled a glass of tea and sat. "You're starting to run out of room upstairs. Are you starting the shelter already? You certainly have enough cats for a kitty room."

I laughed. "No, but I hope to find homes for most of the kittens. Of course, I'll keep Smokey, Midnight, Daisy, Cally, and Muffin. I'll have Penny fixed and find a new home for her. The kits I'll keep are Rags and a couple of others from Cally and Penny."

"I want Muffy," he said. "A one of Penny's boys, the orange one, I think."

"You can have him," I said. "What about a name?"

"Shaggy," he said. "After the crazy guy on Scooby-Doo."

"Yeah," I enjoyed the show too.

"Let's go upstairs," I suggested. "I need to show some love to my girls."

"And I'll pet Shaggy."

We stayed there until everyone was fed, came down, cared for the boy's, and Daisy before grilling salmon and a baked potato. With dinner done and cleaned up, I picked up Daisy, and we went back up. I fed and played with here while Jeremy switched his attentions between Rags, Muffy, and Shaggy.

Kits taken care of for a while, we snuggled into our pallets and fell asleep.

My mind must have been working overtime while I slept as I awoke with two ideas concerning the fur babies.
Jeremy fed Rags, and I was giving one of the orphan girl's their breakfast.

"I've decided to name these youngsters," I said.

Jeremy looked up at me and raised an eyebrow. "Why? Isn't that prerogative left up to the new owners?"

"They can change it, but if I'm going to keep feeding them, I want to call them something. This blue patch little girl is Piper. And I'm going to try to encourage all of them to use the kitty potty on their own."

"Now that's a great idea." Jeremy put Rags on his shoulder and gently rubbed his back. "What about the others?"

"The blue cream female is Jennifur."

"Great name." Jeremy stood and helped Rags take care of business before giving him back to his mother. "What about the boy?" He warmed the water for him.

"Ace." I burped Piper and rose before walking over to the kitty potty. I set her in front, hoping her sense of smell would tell her what to do in there.

I happened to get lucky. Daisy wandered over, stepped into the box, and squatted.

"See, Piper," I moved my hand toward Daisy. "That's what this is for."

When Daisy finished, she exited and gave Piper a couple of licks and meowed.

"Aunt Viv," I called.

She appeared with Lily.

"Will you please ask Lily to speak to Piper and tell her how to take care of nature?"

A few minutes of silence passed before Piper climbed into the box and relieved herself. She sniffed around, meowed, left the box, and wobbled her way back to her bed.

"Good girl." I petted her.

After feeding Jennifur, I did the same thing.

"This is Butterscotch." I picked her up, fed her, and escorted her to the box. She entered immediately, did what she came to do, and left, bobbed her way to join her sibs.

With everyone fed and litter boxes empty, I put Daisy and Jangles in the playroom, showered, and we ate breakfast. Afterward, I washed up the bottles and nipples, setting them on the drainer.

Jeremy was going to spend the day moving into the cottage.

"What should I do about furniture and appliances?" he asked.

"Go to Hill's Appliance, pick out what you want or what will fit, arrange to have it delivered, and tell them to bill me," I said. "Do we even have a furniture store in town?"

"Not that I know of," he said.

"Try Abbott's Department store," I suggested. "See if they have any furniture. If not, look online to Norfolk or some place on the coast."

"All right," he said and left, locking the back door.

Cast of Characters
Franci Kimball--heiress to her great-aunts estate, mystery author
Jeremy Jefferson--science fiction author, twin to Jace

Trivia: The MC character's name, Vivian Francine Kimball, was used in my first attempt at a novel. I hope it stays buried in some dump.

While Cozy Lake Resort is fictional, Cozy Lake isn't. My parents had a summer home there. It's near Patterson, NJ.
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