Humor Poetry posted January 5, 2019

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Why should never pick your nose and eat it kids!!

The Bogeyman

by babykoala

There's a 'filthy fad' that's going around,
It seems there is no cure,
From parks and schools to swimming pools,
I see it more and more.

I've tried to stop it spreading,
But it preys upon the 'bored',
You lose your sense..your fingers tense,
This nose must be explored!!

I'm not sure where it started,
Who had the first idea,
Why pick the nose??..why not your toes?
Your armpits, or your ear?

That's not the end, it gets much worse,
Not satisfied with poking,
They don't just pick...they roll and lick,
Then swallow....without choking!

You may find this disgusting,
But rest assured its true,
I see in your face, as you stare into space,
It's about to happen to YOU!!

The problem is, that when you start,
It's hard not to succumb
You'll munch and crunch, on your bogey lunch,
For years and years to come.

You just can't see the danger,
What harm could bogeys do??
Well here is a tale, that I hope will prevail,
And I pray that my words will get through.

That large snotty pile in your stomach,
Now resembles a huge slimy grape,
It's mutated and grown, with a mind of its own,
And it's plotting its means of escape.

Its head has just formed,...and I think that's a foot!!
He's the stuff of which nightmares are made,
Well....actually not...he's made of your SNOT!!
It's the BOGEYMAN!!! Now, who's afraid??

It cannot be him!! You were told he's not real!
Just a fictional fiend in your head!
Who will come out at night, just to give you a fright,
Dwelling silently under your bed.

Well, that's partly true, he will scare you to death,
And because of your choice in cuisine,
He's not under your bed, but your belly instead!
And he's slimy and smelly..and GREEN.

It's hard to reverse a bad habit its true,
But try and reverse it you must,
Try some broccoli or beans, if you MUST eat some greens,
Or he'll turn your insides into dust.

There's only one thing you can do to fight back,
It's the ONLY sure way you can beat,
So as fast as you can, start a strict BOGEY BAN,
For its true that you are what you eat!!

So from this moment on, if you feel yourself fall,
Back into those snot gobbling ways,
Instead of a lick, give that bogey a flick,
And you'll live to see many more days!!

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This is one of my other children's story-poems that my eldest daughter gave me the inspiration to write, in fact, she gives me the inspiration for most of my humorous children's poems regarding consequences for bad habits or actions! (I apologise for the gross topic, but its an epidemic haha)
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