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Liars And Cheats and Ki;;ers

What's Wrong With This World

by country ranch writer

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This speech is about how people cheat, lie, and work the system, causing others in need to be shunned. As you all are well aware of my husband's plight I for one have become disillusioned. The Go Fund Me the program is supposed to help folks in need, but when I begged for help I was turned down by the world at large, no one gave a damn but one. I was only able to raise $20.00. I ended up closing the account.
After that I had another dear friend give me 30.00 both people are my FS Friends. God bless you! Both from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are, so I will keep your names out of this for personal reasons.

After closing the account I was to learn of others getting all the money they want by lying, and being dishonest. Taking vacations around the world, homeless people cheating the system, mothers starving their children, claiming they were sick. What is wrong with this picture?

My Husband is dying and I asked for help. Did they care? Hell no! Am I bitter hell yes! I did not lie or cheat or fake his condition. I told the honest to God"s truth and why I needed the money. We are living day to day in an impossible situation and I am sick of people making it impossible for people like us to get help. I was honest and above board, but no one would listen to me. We are both disabled, but can only get $15.00 in food stamps and don't qualify for welfare because we aren't poor enough. We are right on the borderline they say to rich to be poor and too poor to be rich. Go figure.

A teacher hits a kid in school and Go Fund Me is paying for his lawyer. Now people are forced out of their homes by fires and floods and holidays are coming what does one do? Immigrants are flooding our borders and when they get asylum, they get all the help they could ever ask for food, clothing, shelter, cars, and etc. I was always taught charity began at home. Their TV programs asking for help for the kids and people overseas but no help for the Vets that need it or people like me that could use a helping hand.

I know people on here are in the same situation as me and could use a few kind words and help. But No, no one wants to get involved and turn a deaf ear so we the elderly go lacking. I for one have given through work to The United Way and given to St.Jude Children's for Cancer and fed the homeless during the holidays till I myself became disabled and could no longer do it anymore. People said to me, "I needed to give till it hurts, well I did!" I gave my all to no avail at times putting myself in the hole.
Those who pretend to be your friends suddenly don't know you if you ask for money or a helping hand to keep you from becoming homeless yourself. All the people you helped suddenly crawl into the woodwork leaving you all alone without a friend in the world. You become expendable to them and you are left to face the world all by yourself.

Then months down the line, yeah, they forgot about you and your needs. They come to you asking for a helping hand. They wonder why you turned them away. I for one have nothing left to give except prayers.
They have a saying to do unto others as you wish them to do unto you. What is this world coming too?


Instead of helping people, folks would rather rally together and talk about politics, transgenders, how much the First Lady spends on her wardrobe on clothing and travel. Everyone is talking about the people Trump has screwed and the hush money he's paid out and trying to get rid of the people in the White House who have gone against him. Now you have President Trump being snubbed at Bushes' funeral. The White House is known as Peyton place in Washington.
They then wonder what is wrong and why there is no peace in the world? It is because of all the drama and turmoil and greed in this world. It is a hell with you and all for me attitude. Kids are killing over the least little thing because they can. They say it is the parent's fault it is the law's fault for telling the kids they can have their parents arrested if they look the wrong way at them. Parents are scared of their own children. We have two-year-olds telling their parent to f..k off. What's wrong with this picture?
The killings have continued increasing more so on a daily basis, everyone rants gun control. But it will not work as long as there are people out there on the streets and flea markets selling to the public willing to pay their prices.
You all may think of this as more of a rant than a speech and maybe it is in a way. We need to bring public awareness to the table.

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