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Our children can't learn what we can no longer teach them.

We Can't Teach Them Anymore

by susand3022

I watch the news and wonder endlessly... What on Earth has happened to us? Every time I turn around it seems people are being needlessly shot. Today's kids are so coddled and laws are such that you can't punish them. We can't even let our kids out to play by themselves anymore. How are we supposed to teach them right from wrong? How are they supposed to grow up?

Several times last year, in my state's capital, there were several drive-by shootings that happened during graduation parties. One for a little girl getting out of elementary school, her parents thought it was special enough to celebrate. Unfortunately, someone across the street had gang affiliations and one little girl never saw the 7th grade. Another innocent life lost, the shooters in the wind. Shootings in schools, at concerts, in bars, and in our streets. And why? Because somebody felt like it? Because Johnny was picked on at school or felt lonely? What IS this world coming to???

Part of the problem is that we can't teach our children anymore. We're not allowed to teach them right from wrong in a way that will sink in. There's no real help for it. Kids have gotten smart and laws have gotten stupid. I'm not saying that all laws regarding child protection are stupid, far from it. But I have known some kids to threaten their parents with police if they don't get their way.

"Go to your room!" used to be a punishment to me because I couldn't go out and play. But now everything they want to do is in there. Now you take away their video games and send them outside, if they're old enough to go outside alone - what, fourteen? fifteen? Ridiculous. Otherwise it's, "Time Out!" But if you do get sent outside you HAVE to take your phone because your parents HAVE to know where you are at ALL times, (or end up in court for neglect and child abuse). But what's on the phone? Video games!!

I'm not suggesting that we beat or berate our kids, but a spanking, strength relative to size of course, would probably have better effect to the age of thirteen or fourteen than a conversation, depending on the child. I know that some children these days are different than we were in our day, mine is one of those. But a few smacks on my backside when I got out of line probably hurt my father's hand more than my bottom, but it also taught me not to do it again!

Now about this going outside alone thing. This is so revolting. I've seen on the news a few times a mom gets picked up for letting her kid, or kids, walk to the playground, school or friend's house down the street alone. These were decent aged kids, nine or 10 at least, and in small towns. By the time I was 6 or 7, I could go to the playground and the candy store with a friend and those were both many blocks away. We couldn't wait to do things alone! It meant we were BIG! We learned to be independent, self sufficient and self reliant. If we can't give our children these things that were given to us, how will they ever survive? How will we? They'll NEVER move out!!!

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Some laws are so strange. Did you know that parents who volunteer in their kid's schools have to get background checks? (A good thing... okay). Did you know that in some states, nobody that works in the school has to get a background check? The teachers, counselors, custodians, lunch people etc... All working in proximity to your children, without a background check. And they wonder why things sometimes happen to the kids in school.
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