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Dialogue Only

A Slice of Apple Pie

by Mrs. KT

Dialogue Only Writing Contest Contest Winner 

Where’s my purse?  Do you have my purse?

I’ve got your purse, Mom. 

A lady always has her purse with her... Where are you taking me? Don’t go so fast.

I thought lunch in that small visitors' room would be special today. It's cozy there. I’ve prepared some of your favorite treats: chicken salad with green grapes and almonds, croissants, and apple pie. We can have the room for a whole hour. Just the two of us.

Your father loved my apple pie.

Remember how he always had to have a slice of sharp cheddar cheese with it, Mom?

No. He didn’t. No. That was your Uncle Carl. But I baked wonderful apple pies. 

Yes. You did. My pies aren’t as good, but they’ll do.

It’s the crust, Diane. The crust is the key. You must be careful on how you handle the crust. You can't worry it to death... Are we almost there?

Almost, Mom. These corridors are long, aren’t they?

I want to go back to my room. I want to go back inside.

You are inside, Mom. We’re just going down a few corridors. To that little room at the end of that long hallway on the other side of the building.

We’ve been gone a long time. Does your father know we’re gone? He worries if I'm gone too long.

Dad’s not here, Mom. But here's the room... See? We had lunch here the last time I visited, too.

This room is nice, but these windows are dirty. You never liked to wash windows when you lived at home. No one cares to wash windows anymore... I’m cold. I want to go back inside.

Goodness! We are inside, Mom. We haven’t gone outside. Here, Mom. Here's your purse. Let's just set it on this chair next to you. And I’ve brought a wrap for you... There you go. It is a bit cool today. You look so pretty in blue, Mom. You’ll feel better once you get some lunch inside of you.

I’m not hungry.

Oh, Mom!  You’ve got to eat!  I drove all the way from Traverse City…with your favorites.  I even brought my good china and one of my best tablecloths. See? I set it all up for us before I came to get you.

Did your father and I buy you that china? Be careful not to chip it. It was expensive. Everyone chips my china. They bang it when they put it in the dishwasher. I tell them not to, but they still do it. Fine china should be washed by hand.

Yes... I believe you did buy it. I love it, and I am very careful with it.

You know, if I could just rent a little white house... It doesn’t need to be big. I would be fine. I could have my Haviland china with me. The pattern is Rosalind. Delicate pink roses... And a little garden with a fence. That would be nice. I have such a lovely garden... Red geraniums. Your father loves red geraniums.

I know, Mom. But here I know you are safe and well taken care of. Everyone is so kind here, and they look after you when I can't. Are you enjoying the chicken salad?

Not really. It's alright, I guess. Nothing tastes like it used to... By the way, I don't need anybody to take care of me. I can take care of myself. I’m a tough old broad.

You’re the strongest woman I know, Mom.

This apple pie is good. Look how flaky that crust is. You didn’t bake it; I know you didn’t. You don’t know how to bake pies. Not like this.

I really did bake it, Mom. You taught me. It's your recipe. I even brought some cheddar cheese with me. Would you care for some?

Your father always likes cheddar cheese with his apple pie. He’s late for lunch today. I bet those roofers of his are giving him trouble. He’s working on a big job with a new crew of roofers. They're lazy. ' Lazy as tits on a bull.' That's what your father says. Slice your father a good-sized piece, and I’ll be sure he gets it when he comes home.

He’s already home, Mom.  He’s already home… 




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