Spiritual Flash Fiction posted October 27, 2018

This work has reached the exceptional level
How many walls do we have around us.

Beyond The Wall

by papa55mike

For some reason, I can't quit thinking about a dream that happened late last night.

It started with me standing in front of a huge brick wall with no end in sight and extends into thick white clouds above. It's made of red bricks and hard gray mortar. There's no door in sight.

“Where did this wall come from?” I ask myself.

A booming voice from nowhere says, “You built it.”

Questions abound in my mind. How could I have built this? What purpose does it serve? Is there anything on the other side, beyond the wall? All questions, I have no answer for.

While walking slowly along the wall, I see a book lying on the ground. Reaching for it, the cover suddenly opens. Grasping the book with my right hand, I slowly start to read. “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” Another question, what's a Bible doing here?

After finishing chapter one of Genesis, a red brick stair slides out of the wall. Stepping up, I continue to read with a smile and another stair appears. “I got this now.”

The more I read, the more my mind is enlightened, the more stairs appear. With amazing speed, I'm racing through the Old Testament and right into the Gospel of Mark while stairs continue to mysteriously appear from the wall.

The closer I get to the top of the wall, the more I'm changed. Learning about the love our God pours out to all of us, convicts me about my wrong attitude towards others. I haven't been a caring person for a long time. My pride got in the way, it wouldn't let me love my family and friends in a Godly way.

“What a fool I've been!”

The stairs continue to lead me upwards to the top of the wall. Slowly, I close the Bible after finishing the last verse in Revelation twenty-two and step on the top of the wall. It's at least six feet wide, paved in what looks like silver.

The view is breathtaking, Heaven stands before me in all of its glorious beauty. The streets of gold are glistening in the sunlight, the twelve pearl gates stand like guardians of the Holy City. Activity flourishes along the horizon.

A hand gently squeezes my right shoulder, I turn to find a man with a gentle smile and loving eyes.

He's dressed in a long flowing white robe trimmed in gold. “It's good to see you, my friend.”

Somehow, I know it's my Lord, Jesus Christ. Falling to my knees, I begin to sob in my hands.

Rise, my son.”

After collecting myself, I ask, “Why the wall, Father?”

He smiles. “The wall represented the distance we were apart. The more you studied the Word, the closer we became. Remember that.”

Suddenly, I'm awake in bed. My pillow is soaked with tears. Sliding out of bed, I fall to my knees and pray. “I will always remember you, Father. Thank You for the guidance. In Jesus' name. Amen.”


A friend of mine asked me to write something on "Beyond The Wall" she needed it for a theme of worship in November. I hope this works.

Have a great day and God bless.
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