Humor Poetry posted October 18, 2018

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M.T.A (Missing The Action)

Where'd You Go?

by Boogienights

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.
I'm a flying penis, damn!
I want to find a place to land,
somewhere dark and soft you see,
that is the only place for me.
Maybe buried in the sand,
warmed by the sun, that would be grand.
Until my purpose is made clear,
I'm not sure why I'm flying here.
Detached it seems, from some poor male.
I think I might have heard him wail.
The wind around sounds like a song,
somehow a comfort to this dong.
But what will happen if I fall?
Maybe I'll roll or perhaps crawl.
And isn't that a dog down there,
sniffing the ground without a care?
He might mistake me for a treat,
a tasty sausage, good to eat.
Then my penis days will end,
don't want to end like that my friend!
On me a cold rain starts to pound,
pleasure in this just can't be found.
Besides it just might make me sick,
that would be sad for this poor dick.
It isn't hard to understand,
I have to formulate a plan.
And find the guy who's missing me,
so whole again he'll finally be.
I dip and swoop 'til I find home,
flying's not the way to roam.
Lay next to him upon his bed,
then wearily he raised his head.
"Where have you been?, I've gotta pee!"
I said, "Don't blame that shit on me!"
"You're lucky I came back to you!"
"With all that freaky stuff you do!"
I hopped upon his forest black,
front and center 'tween his sac.
The thought occurs,
well what the hell!
Will this require a magic spell?
And once I'm on will I still rise,
to my former mediocre size?
Or will my function falter more?
Like it did so many times before.
A hospital is what we need,
a skillful surgeons help indeed.
So off we go, I fly about,
make sure he doesn't chicken out.
Hours later, back in place,
a happy look is on his face.
"Not sure what happened." I heard him say.
"But this has been a screwed up day."
Discharged at last and home we go,
he wants to see if I will grow.
His girlfriend comes and so do I.
End of this story now,


This was originally written for the Flying Penis writing Prompt contest. I didn't read carefully enough and didn't realize poetry wasn't allowed. Well, at least it inspired this gem! Enjoy!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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