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A story you are in and thanks for it

by His Grayness

First my sincere thanks to all of my dear Fanstory Friends for the joyful birthday greeting you all sent to me. It was a birthday that was not supposed to be, as my doctors advised several years ago that my newly discovered ALZHEIMERS disease would be taking me out of the land of the living and into the cold reality of death, for absolute certainty! Of course I prayed that somehow God would intervene and work some miracle that would allow me to live, as I still had beloved children, successful businesses and loved ones virtually all over the world and felt that I'd never done anything to deserve this kind of horrible death!
A neighbor in Las Vegas had an uncommonly uncomfortable puppy that barked and fussed at virtually every person that passed his house, yet for some reason it became quiet and simply jumped up at me whenever I passed by. The neighbor came out one day and insisted that there must be some special charm I had for dogs as nobody ever calmed his puppy as I always did. I told him that I always had dogs throughout my life and they always knew I loved them, and had no fear. He asked if I had a dog now and I told him I would love to but my health was a bit less than playful. He insisted that a loving puppy would always be a very positive and his daughter actually had a new teacup yorkie that had to be given up due to bad, almost dangerous behavior of their very young son and wondered if I might make a visit and see if something good might be worked out for both of us. I agreed and as soon as I stepped into the daughter's home, the little yorkie virtually shot across the living room and jumped into my arms. the puppy literally yelped and licked non stop to the absolute amazement of the owners and all to my delight!
The beautiful, tiny, little puppy was soon in my home and my life every minute thereafter, bearing her new name Bitsy, once featured in Fanstory as 'THE ULTIMATE "G' spot..(meaning 'GRATITUDE' (still in my Fanstory portfolio} So life changed for me quite dramatically as my joy and attention turned to Bitsy and my Alzheimer's consequences were simply taken in stride, day by day as I continued nearly constant visits to the doctors and exray machines hoping to know how long I might last before certain death. It was not long before I actually paid so much time and joy playing with Bitsy, that I actually quit caring about if and when death might come as I was having more fun than ever before with my new love. Bitsy slept with me every night and soon began to read my emotions to the point that she would come and lick my face when she knew I was sad or upset. Later on, and still up to this day, she insists upon sleeping on my head as I lay in my pillow! every single night of my life! her tiny little five pound body warms and calms me to sleep and I rest in a constant state of ultimate gratitude! never before ever known!
In summary, now let me say that I still travel to Las Vegas where I have been in an Alzheimer's study project for several years. They run constant exray scans to monitor the amount of plaque that is collecting upon my brain(as that is the death process of Alzheimer's). As of my last visit two weeks ago, they reported to me that my plaque is gone and I am very likely to be the first person in history to actually escape the sure death of Alzheimer's disease!!!! Now go figure! could there be something about love in this story?? Thanks for reading! HIS GRAYNESS; Vance


An enormously rare and unique but totally TRUE story I hope you will enjoy and know you were all part of it from beginning to end! HIS GRAYNESS. Vance
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