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Naomi is dropped off at the bus stop.

A chapter in the book Saving Naomi

Ch. 1: Saving Naomi

by KatyM

The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

This is the first chapter of the book.
The bus stops at the busy corner. I let other people go before me as I get out of my seat and steady myself. I hesitate as I climb down the steps. Who am I? Where am I? These thoughts continue to run through my head. There's a bench, under a cover. I head for it in hopes of relief from the pain and weakness growing in my legs. I feel dizzy, and my head is throbbing. It's cold and small drops of water are coming down right now. I feel the chill from the cold go up to my back from the gown being open. I don't understand why I only have a gown on. Where are my clothes? I'm so confused.

As I'm sitting down on the bench, a couple approaches me. I feel my heart jump in my throat. The woman towers over me, but her gentle blue eyes show concern for me. She examines my head and stares at my right eye. I take my trembling fingers and feel the bandage around my head.

"Hon, You don't look so good. Is there someone I can call for you? What 's your name?

I glance at the bracelet on my right wrist."This says, Naomi Richards."

"Well, Naomi Richards, my name's Shelly Stephenson, and this is my husband, Pastor Bob Stephenson."

"I don't even know where I am. What city is this?"

Bob answers by saying, "This is the South-East side of Atlanta, Georgia. Let us call an ambulance to get you back to the hospital."

I watch as Shelly takes out her phone and dials 911. I hear her say over the phone "Hello, I am at 9292 Rover Street. There is a young lady, named Naomi Richards that needs to go back to the hospital. She is wearing a gown that says McGrath Hospital. My name is Shelly Stephenson. Yes, we will stay with her. Thanks."

Shelly hangs up her phone and turns to me. "The ambulance will be here in 10 minutes. I'll stay with you while we wait for it to get here."

I hear Shelly say to Bob, "Hon, can you please bring the car around. We can follow the ambulance to the hospital."

"Sure, honey I will be right back with the car."

Before Bob leaves, he takes off his jacket and gives it to me to wear since it's cold. "Here, please take my coat, this will help to get you warm."

I tell him thank you. As I'm putting on the coat, it's three sizes too big. I relish it's warmth the moment I wrap the garment around me. I hear the sound of the ambulance before I see it coming down the road. It stops right in front of the bench at the bus stop. The lights from the ambulance are blinding. People are gathering to watch what's going on.

The paramedics rush up to me. They are pulling a stretcher. One of the paramedics asks me several questions. The other paramedic puts the cuff around my arm. He explains, "This will not hurt. I'm just checking your blood pressure." Then the other paramedic helps me onto the stretcher. They strap me in and put a blanket over my body. I close my eyes and sigh with relief.
The paramedics close the doors to the back of the ambulance simultaneously. I feel all the bumps from the road as the ambulance rushes me back to the hospital.

When we get to the hospital, the paramedics bring me in. I see that Shelly found a nurse in the ER and got her attention.
She points to me, and I hear her say, "Ma'am, can you please help us? This young lady, Naomi Richards, was dropped on the SE side of Atlanta at a bus stop. She only has the hospital gown on."

The nurse looked up from her chart. She looked at me with a sickeningly sweet smile. "Mrs. Richards, I'm so sorry you left here prematurely." As she is talking, two orderlies help me get into the wheelchair.
"Let me get you settled into a room." She says.
Looking at Shelly and Bob. "Thank you for bringing her back. Why don't you give the receptionist your information and I can call you in about 30 minutes with an update?"

Shelly looks at the nurse and says, "No, we will stay here to find out how she is. I don't want to leave her by herself."
"Ok, that is fine, I need to take her to her room. "
I look at Shelly, and mouth to her, "Thank you."
The nurse turns the wheelchair around and heads down the hall and swiftly turns the corner away from Shelly and Bob.
Naomi Richards: She was left at the bus stop with only her hospital gown on and socks. She has no memory of what happened.
Shelly Stephenson: She is a hairstylist and is married to Bob.
Bob Stephenson: Married to Shelly and is a Pastor at Old Zion Church.
Dr. Goodenough: Doctor that treats Naomi.
Detective Michael Simon: He is the detective on Naomi's case.
Dave Richards: Married to Naomi. He died in the accident.

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