General Poetry posted September 3, 2018

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by A. Willow Bends

sadness engulfs me this day
my brother-in-law has passed away
but it is not for him I mourn
it is for my sister that my heart is torn
she and I are like twins, yet three years apart
I feel as if we've live through the beating of one heart
we've protected one another's secrets
had each other's backs
supported heartbreak, heartache, heart attacks
today I feel the lack of our camaraderie
She has not called me

I have waited by the phone
went to places last night where I thought she may have gone
for reasons just between us
I think I understand
but I have been there for her each and every time I can
I have waited for a text
that simply has not come
is it because of times I've been angered some . . . by him?
it was she who came to me
with the heartfelt need to share
to bleed her problems to me
because she knew how much I care . . . for her
yet now, in his finality, she surrounds herself with others
and I am yet to be summoned
it hurts inside, my pride deflates
if I had my druthers
I'd be there close by her side
I have no intention of bringing up his past
It was she who chose to stay
It was she who made it last
how, I do not know
I'd have given up years ago
He stepped up more recently
as grand kids came to be
as sister's health failed, I was glad to see
that I could do forgiveness in little baby paces
trying to forget the past
the parts that left dark traces
So . . .
why does she need me not?
why do I feel like I am outside looking in
when I am the one she's called upon
and I went rushing in
as often as I could
should I take this as a sign
that with him gone, so is our bond
her needs no longer mine?
I'm empty.

Sad Poems writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Sadness has overcome us all at one time or another. Either caused by a relative or close friend's death or from the girl or guy that broke our heart or just life in general. We all handle situations differently, some good, some bad. This contest gives us the ability to explore this. Your poem can also play into other emotions that are common to writing like this such as anger or depression.

Crushed about this. When needed, I have gone. When there were needs, I did my best to fulfill. I have talked with my sister less than a minute on the phone since this death. She is surrounded by everyone. Where was everyone when she needed them in various other times? There have been helpful ones. My sister has Parkinson's Disease, but to not ask me to help her carry THIS burden is so odd. So odd.
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