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A 200 word story

Word Count

by Chrissy710

Hmm, write a 200 word story, no rules, however do not write about subjects on the list. Blimey that limits my choice!
The list is a mile long, but I can't say what's on it, because I will be disqualified.
Well let me begin before I run out of word count.
My story begins with 'Once upon a time' No it doesn't because that's lame and too 'out of fashion. You may notice I use the word' out' as the other more fitting word is on the list.
Oh yes indecently 'Once upon a time' may also refer to another forbidden subject therefore also ruled unacceptable.
And besides I have now used more words trying to describe my dilemma. That's a descriptive word you're allowed to use them.
My story is about ..... Hold on word count: 137. Gee I guess it will have to be a 'short story' I know, I hear you say, just get on with it!
OK. "What's that muse, tell them about the time when you "Na I can't recall all the details and therefore may run into another black listed subject". I need to meet this brief .Oh, Oh, word count. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

200 Word Story writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a 200 word story. 200 words, no more, no less. (Not counting title.)
No rules but the 200 word count and what your story "CAN'T" be about.
No stories about pets. Period.
No stories about aging or effects of aging. Alzheimer's, cancer, dying, deathbed love or confessions. Nothing concerning being or getting old.
No stories about love. Falling in or falling out of, betrayal, commitment, everlasting, none of it. Love = disqualification.
Other than that, have at it. Not too long, not too short.
You don't need to have a conflict and resolution either. Just a 200 word story. Not flash fiction. Use as many descriptive words you want. I'd prefer humorous but not everyone appreciates humor as much as I. Have fun though.


Ha Ha I couldn't resist and thought this may be acceptable

I hope you enjoy my 'story'

Thanks to omntch for the image 'Hidden words'
Thank for reading
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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