Children Non-Fiction posted August 7, 2018

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A true conversation with my daughter

The Invisible Guards

by LynnetteOK

Humorous Dialog Contest Winner 

"Mommy, we have to start eating liver."

"No we don't sweetheart. We're fine. I don't like eating or cooking liver."

"But we have to!"

"Why do we have to?"

"Because the guards will get us if we don't!"

"Please stop crying honey. I can't understand you. What guards?"

"The invisible ones! You can't see them, so you don't know when they're watching or when they're coming. Really Mommy, they're scary. We have to eat liver."

"Calm down sweetie. It's okay. Now, who told you that the invisible guards would get you if you didn't eat liver?"

"My teacher, and she knows everything."

"Your teacher? That doesn't make sense! Tell me exactly what she said."

"She makes us say it every day so we won't forget...One nation, under guard, invisible, with liver and just this for all."

Humorous Dialog
Contest Winner

This conversation happened about two weeks after she started kindergarten. It took me forever to convince her that there were no guards coming!
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