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Short story /Through the eyes of a child

A lost sandal

by zanya

'Laya, Laya,' Mama was shouting now. 'Where is your sandal... your sandal?'

I am trying not to make Mama angry. I am so sad when Mama is angry. When I was little Mama and Papa laughed a lot.

We are walking now for about two days. I don't dare ask Mama. We left our village after Church on Sunday. Mama said 'Adios ' to Pastor Haines. He blessed us with his Jesus Cross and gave us a piece of chocolate. I wanted to go home and play with my parrot 'Parok', like I usually do after Church on Sunday.

Papa left days ago. I heard him early one morning talking to Mama. They were hugging and crying. I peered out through the crack in my bedroom window and saw his big boots hurrying on to the road. He always wore those brown boots. He loved to polish them on Sunday morning before going to Church. He  let me tie the green laces.

Mama didn't sleep nights after that. I heard her sobs.

I ran back to find my sandal. The big hole in the sole hurt my foot.

'Night soon', Mama whispers.

I don't think Mama knows where we are. Mama has never left our village before. Mama knows everyone in our little village. I miss it, especially Pedro. He is in the same class as me at school. I loved watching him chase lizards. He loves animals. He wants to be an animal doctor.

A bright orange and blue light is flashing in the distance. Getting closer, we see soldiers with big guns.

Mama stops suddenly.

'Dios', Mama mutters.

My tenth birthday will be soon. Mama showed me the flour and cherries in the cupboard for my cake.

Mama promised cherry cake and soda. Mama makes real good cherry cake. Pedro loves cherry cake too. On my ninth birthday I brought  him a big slice and we sat on the porch and drank  lemonade, watching  fireflies.

'Mama', I whisper quietly, 'birthday cake, when will we have birthday cake?'

Tears roll down Mama's cheeks.


Through the eyes of a child writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a short story (100-500 words). The story must include a child's perspective of an object or situation. The story may be told from the viewpoint of the child, or an adult.

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