Humor Poetry posted June 24, 2018

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The Life of a...contest entry

The Life of a Unibunnifly

by DragonSkulls

A unicorn and butterfly
and bunny all combined,
I'm a unibunnifly
that scientist designed.

I have a purpose so unique,
is what I heard them say.
For all the poets worldwide,
they spliced my DNA.

No longer will you have to choose,
"Bunny or butterfly?
Perhaps a mystic unicorn?"
For now all three apply.

A single write for all your needs,
when by theirself, they're lame.
You know the ones, the boring crap,
that always sound the same.

At first I was a unipiller
that formed my own cocoon.
I used my horn to free myself
one sunny afternoon.

I spread my wings and flew about
and hopped from tree to tree.
The scientists all jumped for joy
and clapped and cheered with glee.

They figured out the formula
for less dumb writes to read.
Next they'll make some kuppy pittens,
the cutest ones to breed.

If ever you might see me out
and click a pic for show,
 be sure it's 'neath a quaint sunset
or rainbow's vibrant glow.

My time is short to find a mate
for quickly I will die.
I know I'll never get full grown,
a unirabbifly.

My heart's a tiny butterfly's,
it can't support my weight.
I'll die a painful heinous death,
so make those poems great.


The life of a.... writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem adout "the life of a..." something, anything, person, place, or thing. Be creative! Any style of poem.

I concocted this ridiculous picture myself.
Thanks for reading.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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