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The Men In My Life

by country ranch writer

I was about to reach my destination, I was glad I finally reached the river. As I parked my truck in front of the handicap ramp I glanced up to see the clouds rolling in. Maybe it would cool off soon. The river was enchanting, it was so beautiful just like out of a magazine ad. The view of the river was fantastic. The smell of fresh pine and fresh air were to die for.

After settling my husband on the dock to fish I grabbed my Ipad. I went to sit close to him to relax. He was bound and determined to catch a fish for supper. I like to see him smile, it wasn't often he did these days.

I came across this fan story contest and thought I would give it a whirl.

I had been watching a couple enjoying canoeing and it brought back memories of a time many years ago.
I was young and full of girlish dreams and inexperienced back then. I learned there is more to a relationship than sex. I was only eighteen at the time on my own. Also learning that the first love of my life would end up being my protector, mentor and best friend for life. I once thought Ty would be the man in my life. Instead, we became rodeo buddies. Ending up for me in the end with no husband or children for that matter. Our waking hours were spent at the rodeos.

As years passed I stayed in touch with Ty he was always the one I went to with all my problems.
Then after my Grandpa died I found myself suddenly on my own. I was lucky to have friends that took care of me and looked out for me. Finding a place to rent was touch and go during those early years until I could finish high school and started working full time.
Suddenly I was brought back to reality the sky was getting darker and it looked like it might rain. I could hear the sounds of distant thunder. Was the storm headed our way? I decided we make tracks for home before we were caught in the rainstorm. We got into the house in the nick of time. Soon as I got his wheelchair in the house it started thundering and lightning, the rain came down in torrents. After supper hubby retired to his computer to play a few games before turning in. It is still raining here looks like it has set in for the night.

Justin was the second love of my life, he was old for his age and was very wise. He played music with his band when he wasn't rodeoing. They used to play their music around the campfires and at rodeo church Sunday morning at the fairgrounds. He too was a good friend and mentor. He was always there when I needed him. He seemed to know it before I did. It was like he was psychic or something. He gave me what a true father should have. love, understanding, and companionship. He guided me down the right path in life. For a teenage girl growing up that meant a lot. He taught me nothing in life is free and you have to work for what you want. He was a man to be reconded with if you even tried to mess with me. He loved me for me.

1965 was the year I met my soulmate and he loves me for me and soon we will be married for fifty-three years come this October. We have had our ups and downs over the years but we have managed to make it one way or another. He is my cowboy that didn't get away! Meeting him was the happiest day of my life. Yes, I did meet him at rodeo folks and went to his birthday party and history was made from that day forth. We have become inseparable ever since. Life has dealt us devastating news and we have been trying to deal with it one day at a time. Our life is in God"s hands now.

The Men (or women) who love me contest entry
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