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Arrangements are made for a trip to her parents.

A chapter in the book My Brothers' Keeper

Going Home

by aryr

PREVIOUSLY: Rachel is a forensic medical examiner, who after receiving disturbing news, decides she needs some alone time to think. So, she goes to a B&B in a large park, but gets lost, Gray the wolf finds her incapacitated and goes home to Daniel to get him to help her. Daniel is a Native American and a successful lawyer. She decides to stay with him in his modern cave rather than the B&B. Her family is aware and that she is safe. She confesses her medical history, and of the discovery of a chimera-her twin brother that her body had absorbed. Gray gets hurt and requires surgery and survives. They are now back home at the cave. Decisions have to be talked about and made........
NOW TO CONTINUE................................................

On the drive home to his cave, Rachel turned to Daniel, "I think if you are still willing to fly me to my parents, I accept. It would be great for everyone to meet. I think it is best if I call and we plan on just meeting the folks first. Then a couple of days later we can have Tim and Phillip visit. I want to talk to my parents first about my medical discovery."

"Okay, you call them, and I will take care of the flight. Do you have any idea where the closest airport is?"

"Sure, its about an hour from the ranch. Dad likes to fly once in a while, and his old friend Howard has a private strip. All the locals use it. He has three small planes like yours and one that is a ten-seater. The hanger is also a storage unit for the planes that the locals own. He really does a great business. I will tell Dad we need to land there, and I will be sure to mention Gray. He could be considered a surprise to the community." She smiled.

"When I call to register the flight plan, I can also make car and hotel arrangements. Gray is comfortable, by the way, acting as my service dog. Most people just think he is a big dog. And the vet provided his papers to make travel easier for both of us. Yes, I know it is wrong, but one does what they have to when the chips are against them." Daniel offered a sheepish smile.

"Howard has a spare Jeep we can use, while we visit. That saves on arranging a rental. Oh, and he absolutely loves dogs, so he will be amazed by a wolf. And my dad would be insulted if you didn't stay at the house, there's lots of room."

They arrived home in a few minutes and took the time to store Rachel's purchases in one of the planes storage compartments.

When they got inside, she called her parents. After several minutes of catch up chatting, she asked if it was okay for her and Daniel to visit and that they would be bringing his dog. They were ecstatic and wanted to know when. She further asked if they could hold off calling her brothers to allow her a couple of days for a private visit. Once again, they agreed. They were just so happy she was coming. She was polite when she asked about the Bed & Breakfast for Daniel and Gray. As predicted her parents insisted he stay at the ranch. Her father provided Howard's number, so Daniel could call and reinforced that there was a vehicle available.

Rachel explained to him that she had decided to surprise her parents regarding Gray, and that they would not be upset with her little white lie. He in turn told her that he would have to tell Howard but that he would swear him to secrecy, and they both laughed.

Daniel called Howard in a few minutes and provided all his information and received what he needed to register the flight path coordinates. They were set to fly out in two days.

"Well, I suggest we hit the sack. Tomorrow I want to call work and see how things are going, as well as letting them know about my side trip. I don't plan on telling anyone about you just yet, but I do like to let them know basically where I am. And then we can pack." He said through a yawn.

"Good idea, I'll call the car rental and extend my time. I am tired, its been a long day. Gray, outside for a quick time, but then right back in, no running." She laughed when he dropped his head and limped to the door.

Hope you are enjoying this adventure.
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