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Lifes Lessons

by country ranch writer

I went to visit a long time friend of mine. He seemed to know I was in need of help and I was going to ask him what I should do. Something like this has never happened to me before. I was beside myself still shaky and confused by what has happened. His eyes twinkled and crinkled around the edges as he listened to what I had to say. Here I was on his doorstep at five in the morning.

"Would you be surprised...' If I told you I woke up in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night?

"Oh!" He says, scratching his head. Pretending to be shocked.

"I had no idea how I got here!"
I replied sheepishly, turning every shade of red.

All I know is I woke up in the back of my pickup truck hugging my jacket. I started blushing again when I realized I was half dressed at that! Pulling on my jacket to cover up my camisole.
I have been lucky to have friends that don't judge you but understand you and protect you.

Ty was a great bull rider and he was gentle and kind taking me inside his home. Showing me where I could crash till morning. He said he would bring me a change of clothes in the morning. His daughter was my size. Saying good night he left me to sleep.

I sat watching the sun come up over the mountain. It was quite a spectacular view a rainbow could be seen off in the distance, as the deer roamed in the fields they seem to be in no hurry.
In our world of rodeo you might win one day and lose the next but someone always has our back.
I remember asking Ty once if he could give me some good advice to advance my career he said,"You just have to forget about losing in your past. Concentrate on the future for there will always be another rodeo."
Our own lives are made up of trials and tribulations we must never lose our way. We have faith which keeps us strong and on our road to success.
Ty brought me some of his daughter's things and after changing we went out to breakfast. I said,"What would the neighbors think me showing up on his doorstep half naked!"

Looking me straight in the eyes he asked me to tell him what I remembered.

"Let's see. I remember going into the arena for the meet and greet after the rodeo. Then leaving we all left to go the parking lot to get our trucks. My friends and I split up to go our separate way. After that, it gets kind of fuzzy as I was unlocking my truck door some guy bumped into me and I felt a prick in my arm. He almost knocked me over. He and his friends were running through the parking lot like they had just done something funny. I managed to get into my truck starting to feel funny. They were pointing and shoving each other as I passed them, they were laughing as I pulled out into traffic.

I showed Ty my arm and I said, "I guess my drugged mind went into protect mode and remembered how to get to your place. It was truly by the grace of God I made it to your far meadows. I could have killed somebody in my drugged up state of mind or died."

Ty called the police and they asked us to stop in to file a report. On our way back to his place we did, then went back to his place to pick up my truck. We would both be riding tonight and I would be leaving than moving onto the next rodeo. As I was leaving he said, "Keep your head up high."
My friend and I would soon learn the police caught the guy who drugged me. The people who know me know I try to keep my life private over the years. I have learned many lessons over the years and one is for sure never trust anyone you can't count on to be there for you when you need it. Ty was one in a million he was always there!
They ask how I met him and how he stays so humble and down to earth. I reply he is a terrific bull rider and a good friend. He stays this way because he was raised right. He was one of three men in my rodeo life.

Things in our life may not be everything we want it to be but you just got to keep on keeping on. It is the cowboy way to live the dream and they do 24/7 it is in their blood. Rodeo is what all cowboys and cowgirls grow up dreaming about.

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