Humor Poetry posted June 13, 2018

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Silver Lining contest entry

I Love to Hate

by DragonSkulls

What joy it brings to know I love to hate.
Before you click away please pause and wait.
And spare my piece a tiny star review,
I'll likely name some things you're hating too.

I hate my lavish lawn from house to street.
The grass needs mowed like every crappin' week.
My wife does not support my valid dream.
To me, a gravel yard's not that extreme.

I hate to wait at every stupid light,
but cameras flash on yellow...then indict.
My boss expects me clocking in at eight,
but thanks to all those precious lights, I'm late.

I hate when traffic's moving morning slow.
My horn can't force these simpletons to go.
I feel each vital nerve nearly explode.
How sweet if I could ram them off the road.

I hate reviewing pieces I regret,
on gardens, grandkids, rainbows or your pet.
Your cat's meow don't mean a thing to me,
but I can't join these wacky prompts for free.

I hate my own mistakes for who I chose.
Too late to vote for Clinton, I suppose.
Perhaps it's wise to keep my thoughts discreet,
'cause God forbid I get a nasty tweet.

To love thy neighbor simply doesn't work.
If not for jail, I'm sure I'd choke the jerk.
I hate the fact that he's not standing here.
I'd gladly cram my foot straight up his rear.

Our WalMart often hears my gripes and rants.
"That chick is way too fat for spandex pants."
I hate the fact the store has thirteen lines,
but all there is is three with 'open' signs.

I hate this crap of quickly growing old.
I hate McDonald's searving french fries cold.
I hate a perfect butt when I can't look.
I hate suggested friending on Facebook.

I hate when people try to sing along
and keep it up though most the words are wrong.
I hate the twenty scammers that have called.
I hate my graying hair while going bald.

I hate that I can't win the lottery.
I hate all my wife's plants and pottery.
I hate my dinky paycheck's always small.
I guess it's safe to say I hate it all.

So that's the silver lining that I see.
If any read to here, you might agree.
The list is far too long to fabricate.
The only thing to do is love to hate.


Silver Lining writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type about something ugly (war, hate, cruelty) - but find the beauty (silver lining) in it.

I'd promote it but I'm pretty sure most of you hated it. Lol.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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