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Slips Away


by country ranch writer

A cloud passed over the moon. He was gone! Hallie was once again thrust into loneliness. Sheldon had left a large void in her life. Her life as she knew it would never be the same again. Rodeo cowboys never stay long in one place. She should have known not to get too involved with this handsome cowboy. Yet she couldn't help think of him and how they met.
Did they date? Well, sort of if you ask around. It all depended on who you talk to...

She was hooked from the first time she laid eyes on him, and he on her. She thoroughly enjoyed being together the short time they were together. She smiled as she thought about seeing him for the first time. He was so sexy, riding into the arena all dressed in black in his tight-fitting jeans.

She could have stared at him forever, It was then she got caught by him as he rode by. He smiled at her tipping his hat to her. Something special passed between them at that precise moment. He too was hooked. Hallie thought to herself she was dreaming! Stuff like this only happens," in the movies." She was smitten.

Hallie was on her horse looking beautiful as ever, waiting for her turn to ride: She was performing for the first time since her close call with death a few years ago. The doctors have given her a clean bill of health and she was excited. She was back in her hometown and raring to go. Nothing was going to hold her back this year. She was bound and determined to win. Hallie had been looking forward to getting on with her rodeo career. The adrenalin was coursing through her body she was determined to win today. She really wanted this more than anything in the world! She was back in the saddle!

It was when she spied Sheldon she got the feeling this man was going to change her life as she knew it. While she was waiting for her turn she let her mind wander. She had a feeling he would be different from the local guys she grew up with. He would be different than anyone she'd ever known. As they called her name she took a big breath of fresh air into her lungs. It was like taking it was the first breath of fresh air she'd ever experienced.

Hallie had never experienced any real romance and dating before. She has always concentrated on her riding. It was always her first love. She longed to be like everyone else. She longed for a romantic experience with a real man. Was Sheldon the one who would break her heart?

Sheldon couldn't believe he let his gaze wander into the crowd. His eyes feasted onto a cowgirl. She was sizing him up for good measure. He couldn't help but smile looking into her deep green eyes. He was mesmerized as if he was under a spell. He literally had to pull his gaze away. She was beautiful, petite, blond and gorgeous!

They met up again when they were at the meet and greet table to sign autographs and photos for the guests. Sheldon jumped at the chance to invite her to supper. He was surprised when she agreed. He was starving and she pointed out the restaurant right down the road from the arena.

As they were taking a seat Sheldon spied a picture of her up on the wall over the register. Hallie said It was her dad's idea, he was showing off. The caption under the photo read, "Local Cowgirl Makes Good. "

While waiting for their food they chatter like couples who have been together for years. They just found so much to talk about. Sheldon had never opened up to a girl before. He was telling her things he'd never told a soul before.

Hallie found him so easy to talk too she was so glad to be here with him. She had a feeling things wouldn't last forever but she had the here and now. She would settle for what she could get right now. She might have regrets later down the line but someone once told her tomorrows are never promised. In the short time they were together Hallie thought to herself we definitely connected. The memories they made together will last her forever. She thinks when their time is over they will come out of it not just lovers but friends. Who knows they just might meet again somewhere down the road. A little older and a little wiser.

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