General Poetry posted June 10, 2018

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in a nutshell losing the sense of love

Over Attention as Unhealthy as Under

by giovannimariatommaso

why attend to all that trouble
if it is only going to make you
more paranoid to be seen & to
be looked at & commented on
why enhance & buckle up
why prance & dance to tunes
of hypnotic beats with drinks
in silly proportions & believe
that your control & awareness
which will be very well dulled
cause you to remain alert & awake
isn’t it better to just simply say NO  (blessed be Nancy Regan)
in fact at times our own feelings
& emotions over intoxicate us
weakening us to do all sorts of
stupid things we later will regret
why is self-discipline so abhorrent
did our upbringing not include the
ways of right & wrong or were we
just too stubborn & rebellious to listen well
& while we are at it that part in the play
that script in the movie that caused so
much adrenalin of emotions & feelings
to run out & get at any cost except death
was it worth it we did get the part & we
were the best at playing that part for it
was our part & life is our stage & script
God gave us that gift before we were born
So your braggadocio doesn’t ring true
why do you want to hide that which
you have enlarged with transplants
lifted & tightened with scalpel & Botox
seems rather hypocritical & backwards
beauty is to be looked at & to be admired
it is to be praised & blessed & found worthy
for true beauty is God’s ultimate creation
beauty is God’s gift to all of mankind & in all
of His works & wonders all thanksgiving is His


Over Attention as Unhealthy as Under Attention

We forget for the most part while living that we have the perfect screen, stage, & script in which to live our lives in, on, & act to. We seek the applause in heaven of the Communion of Saints & the Host of Heaven, the 9 Choir of Angles in the faith, love, & service to Almighty God.

& yet, we seek to change reality to our realities onto our own projected screens, to change the stage by attempted enhancements & glorifying our bodies as if they were idols, piercing, coloring & etching our skin, enlarging, painting, sculpturing, chiseling, transplanting, knifing with razor & blade, using snake-oil to Botox our firmness unto old age.

The fear of this age is enormous our scripts have gone from attempted politeness to politically correct, from holiness to vulgarity & shame, causing some, though denied, & denied vehemently for loss of revenue, to lose their self-worth, self-esteem, identities, & path to Purity & Holiness; in a nutshell, to lose their sense of love, & of being loved & of loving for the sake & the joy of loving, seeking the happiness of eternal unconditional love. Some would rather give up on life & end it all, attempting to control what is ultimately uncontrollable.
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