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by country ranch writer

Where have they gotten to this time? Grandpa was pissed.

What is going on here? Grandpa was getting hot under the collar.

What has happened to the Mustangs? Grandpa looked at the room full of people.

Can't anyone tell me? Grandpa demanded to know.

The just don't up and disappear into thin air! Grandpa said.

Where are they disappearing to? You could see Grandpa was beside himself.

Is someone stealing off our Mustangs? Still, no one answers.

Is it like the day the creek went dry? Everyone just looked at each other shrugging their shoulders.
When the damn neighbors rerouted our water supply. He finished by saying it took forever to get it legally rerouted back.

You all get out there and don't come back without their whereabouts. They all rode out as quickly as their horses would let them...

The Mustang we equate with freedom, an untamed spirit, and history of our country.

Yet, this issue at hand right now has many conflicting interests.

It's called progress! Some want to see wild horses stay free. Yet some of the ranchers are viewing the Mustangs as causing competition for their land.

Are there solutions for long-term management?
Would it end inhumane round Ups?

Do you think we can solve this problem?

Maybe by getting the ranchers who graze their livestock on public land to require them to let the Mustangs have the same access to the same resources as their livestock have.

Due to the ranchers fighting over the land. They have been driving the Mustangs away from the watering holes. Mustangs mate three times a year so they need their grazing land for their young come foaling time. The rustlers have been running illegal roundups of the horses and selling them to the slaughterhouses. Despite the poachers being arrested there were others to take their place. Many man hours were used to bring them down before they were under control. Fines were so high they couldn't bail themselves out! They did the crime they did the time seems they never learned.

Can they be stopped Grandpa didn't know? They have been getting away with it for so long the rustlers are no longer scared of the law catching them. Ranchers become greedy when it comes to getting land for their cattle. They do not want to share their land with anyone let alone Mustangs.

Grandpa has been thinking how he can put a stop to this.

Can there be anything done to prevent mass horse roundups?

It is unlikely but they will have to try.

So many horses have been turned loose back into the wild due to lack of water and grazing. No one seems to know if it will ever be straightened out.

There are thousands of horses coming down from the mountains in separate bands to look for the substance to hold them over.

Horse rescues have been formed to try to releive some of the problems. Only four horses at a time can go to a new home. Too many horses have ended up abused and sent to the slaughterhouse. It was time to put a stop to it.

Grandpa called a meeting! He was going to Washington! He was going to see what could be done. It took a lot of arguing with the government but there were actually horse lovers who did listen. And in pushing their weight around the horse lovers got new laws put on the books to protect the Mustangs.

It wasn't long after Grandpa's return when the Mustangs started coming back to the ranch. They were a beautiful sight to behold.

The spring foals were being born and soon would be ready to join the herds. I was so proud of Grandpa for protecting the Mustangs. It is a beautiful sight to see the horses run across the field romping and playing. So far there have been no herds disappearing like before. When Grandpa is happy we are all happy! Life on the ranch is back in full swing everyone making things run smoothly. It will be time to hit the road soon. Another summer will be coming to an end and going home for me is on the horizon. Another adventure at Grandpas comes to another end.

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