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Dialogue Only: Between mother and young son...

Waiting for Someday

by Mrs. KT

Hey, Morgan... What are you doing?


Looks like you’re doing something to me.

I’m not.

I saw you from the upstairs window.

I’m not hurting anything, Mom. I just wanted to sit here for a while and remember all the fun stuff we did together.

Do you mind if I join you?

Okay... I’m just thinking about Gus. I miss him so much.

I know, honey… I miss him, too.

He was my best friend.

I know, Mugs. But it was his time to go.

Is he going to be okay out here in the woods?

Sure. This is a beautiful place, and Dad was really careful when he dug the grave. Nothing will bother Gus here.

Are you sure, Mom?

As sure as I am sitting here next to you.

Can we make a cross for his grave?


And can we plant some flowers on his grave?

We sure can.

And Gus is going to be okay even at night and in the winter? And when it rains?  Gus hated thunderstorms. He always came to my room when there was a thunderstorm, and I protected him.

He’ll be fine. I promise.

Where do you think he is now?

Well, I’m not sure, but he’s where all beloved pets go when their time here is done.

Is he with Grandpa Dan?  In Heaven?

Well, I’m not certain how that works, but he’s somewhere where he’s safe, and he doesn’t hurt anymore. Just like Grandpa Dan.

Well, then that’s where Gus must be, too. Maybe they’re together.  He’d like that. He loved Grandpa Dan, too.  Maybe they're fishing together like we used to do … Mom?


Is the hurt in my heart ever going to go away?

Someday it will. Maybe not today, but someday.  And when it does, you will remember all the good times the two of you shared together.

I hope “Someday” comes really fast. He was the best friend a guy ever had, Mom.

He surely was, Morgan.  He surely was…


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