General Poetry posted May 15, 2018

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Emotional dependency of a parent.

Taking charge of my own life!

by Blue Hendrix

Emotional Dependency Contest Winner 
I never wanted to value your opinions mother.
In fact we've never saw eye-to-eye.
So why did i want you to be proud of me mother.
Expecting anything other than denial.

I honestly think your beliefs are offensive mother.
so why did I beg and plead with you to have an open mind.
You live in one of those glass houses mother.
so why did I seek out your acceptance thinking you might be anything but unkind.

I think for awhile I lost the ability to think for myself, Mother.
Because I always wanted your approval, though it was never received.
So why was I pleading for your love mother.
when I knew in my heart it certainly was not going to be achieved.

So I decided to start thinking for myself mother.
I now live my life just for me.
It would be nice if I met your approval mother.
But without it I'm still going to be free.

It took a long time for me to understand mother.
But, finally I learned that I'm in charge of my own feelings, thoughts, and happiness.
Because some times you can't count on others dear mother.
No matter how hard you try, but I know that with or without you my life is blessed.

I am proud of myself for taking charge of my own emotions.
I know now I will be ok if you are in my life or not.
I choose to continue to be at peace, I'm not just going through the motions.
However, my heart will stay open for you in case you decide to give it a shot.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem about being emotionally dependent on some you love and then how you overcome the ties of that dependency.

Emotional Dependency
Contest Winner
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