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My Morning.

by aryr

I really hate to think this phrase, but today was just a typical day for me. You know, the type that starts with getting out of bed, heading to the bathroom for a quick wake me up shower. Brushing my teeth, and gargling with mouthwash was included in the morning shower task.

I had an alarm clock, but I never set it, there was no need to do so.

I tend to be a creature of habit. I always have a great cleansing shower before going to bed. It just feels great to go to bed feeling clean and refreshed. By shaving at night, I don't have to worry about having to rush and nick myself in the morning, I could probably even go three days since the whiskers grew ever so slowly, but I would feel lost without my nightly shower shavings. I learned also from an early age, from my mother of course, to lay out my clothes for the next day. Having done all these things, the night before I was set for the start of my day.

I went back into my room to begin to dress. Undershorts, a v-necked white t-shirt, black socks were the unseen items. I had decided to wear a pale blue shirt with my navy-blue suit complemented with a navy necktie that had tiny pink dots. I planned to finish the look with black slip on shoes.

Not only was I a creature of habit, but I was also meticulous regarding my appearance and how I presented myself. I was known in the business world as a straight shooter. What one saw was what one got, and what I said was the truth, regardless of the situation.

Although I did not consider myself to be vain, I did check my look in the full length mirror as part of my morning routine. I stepped up to inspect.

I immediately slumped to the floor, in shock. You see, I was gone, nothing was there to look back at me. I looked over my shoulder. There on the bed lay my body. No rise and fall to the chest, I had died in my sleep. My clothes were laid out in their normal spot. I was nothing.

374 words.

Surprise Me writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
This is a flash fiction contest. Write a story that has a surprise ending. Since it is flash, the word count must be between 200 and 600 words. The ending can be funny, sad, shocking, etc. But the reader has to be surprised.

Thank you cmyers for the picture- Mountain Mist.
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