General Poetry posted April 18, 2018

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God Poem Contest entry

Am I Human

by DragonSkulls

A Poem about God Contest Winner 
Dear God, am I a human,
made of flesh and bone?
Or am I just a program
thinking on its own?

Are all my thoughts of wisdom
what brain cells constitute?
Or am I merely numbers
that process and compute?

Is there blood that course my veins?
Do my lungs breathe the air?
Is sight what lets me see a world
I question's even there?

Have I truly had a say
in every choice I chose?
Are my emotions just a ruse
that chips and wires compose?

Have I felt the gentle touch
of fingers on my skin?
Have I witnessed pain and love
discerning what was sin?

Are memories a mortal gift
or simply stored on RAM?
Are the cells that make me whole
the truth of what I am?

Artificial intelligence
believing life is real.
Do circuits transmit senses through,
for what I taste or feel?

Is the earth of sea and dirt
just networks that entwine,
that interact a virtual world
our own conceit define?

Was Adam really formed from dust,
in image of you, Lord?
Or was he just the first chip placed
upon the motherboard?

I'm asking this, dear God above
with infinite control,
  am I truly human...
or not human at all?

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of 200-300 words about God, to God, or what God means to you. Any type of poem is fine.

A Poem about God
Contest Winner

After seeing some of these virtual reality games coming out, this isn't too far fetched of an idea. The only thing missing are senses. Once we figure out how to bring that into play, computers may some day think they're human.

Thanks for reading.

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