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A grandfather's prayer

Morning Lord

by rockinm76233

Dear God, Contest Winner 

Good morning Lord:
It's me again, thanking you for another day of life.

I saw my grandson off to school today, Lord. It's his first day and I just want to ask you for a few special things. I know you've never been a grandfather, but take my word for it, it's wonderful. Thank you for granting me that. But, you see Lord, this little fella doesn't know anything but love since he's been in this world, and I just sort of would like it stay that way, if you don't mind. At least until he's a little older.

I don't want him to be afraid 'cause his families not around and I don't want him to have his innocence taken away just yet by some bully in school, so if you could Lord, just watch over him and see that doesn't happen. Let his teacher be patient 'cause she doesn't know how we always say a prayer before we eat or how we get tickled for no reason. If she'll be patient he'll learn the rules.

Lord, he's mine and I love him, and I thank you for giving him to me. I promise I'll try and live the kind of life in front of him that you want me to. And if sometimes I slip and let language come out that shouldn't, please just forgive me for that, and I'll do better.

I ask you to watch over his safety and bring him home to his family every night a healthy, happy, little boy. Let him know he's loved and always will be whether it's his first day of school or the last day of college. Stay in his life always Lord whether I'm around always asking that from you or not, 'cause I'm making that clear right now, today, I want you to always be in his life.

Again, thank you Lord for allowing me this honor and privilege that every Pawpaw doesn't get to have. He kissed me good bye with the assurance he'd see me later and Lord, I'm holding you to that.

I'll sign off now and get on to work, but Lord, please, watch over my little man, today and every day for the rest of his life.

Thank you Lord,
A Grandfather signing off.

Writing Prompt
Write a letter to God expressing your most pressing concerns and/or questions believing with all your heart and soul, that He will receive, read and answer you. Your letter does not necessarily have to be be a request. Just a sincere heart to heart will do.

Prose only.

Dear God,
Contest Winner

A day for remembrance
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