Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted February 11, 2018

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A fresh, new scheme

Inner (inside-out) Child

by Badger_29

Lift up your eyes from your books, from your past, from your hurts and look upon all people with love, because when you look into another's eyes and see innocence, you find it in yourself"

Twisting and turning,
my inner child is yearning
to see what's around
the bend

Tender hearts are burning,
 as we are learning-
 to tumble roll, and mend

As my shell gets older,
 my spirit grows bolder;
absorbing wisdom and truth

The world seems colder
as I look to The Molder-
Who shaped me from my youth

He is calling to me, 
my child trying to break free-
 from what he views as shackles

But now I can see,
that to completely be,
these fears I must tackle

Dealing daily with friction
there exists an addiction-
I must wrestle with every day

For my life is not fiction, 
as I resist this restriction
that's trying to fade me away

I seek enlightening,
though it can be frightening-
to find the true meaning of life

~so in my mind's dreaming~

I am listening
to the angels sing-
 dulling the sharp edge
of strife

For, on this earthly  plane
pleasure is tempered with pain
we must learn to strike a balance

Between sunshine and rain,
sane mind, and insane;
and to cultivate our talents

Since  the advent of time
we've been trying to climb,
to ever higher aspirations

With this simple rhyme
in a manner sublime,
 this is my interpretation

I wish to reveal
how I truly feel
about the current state of affairs

For there is a great wheel
as it turns, it will heal-
because Its Maker cares

Look to Him, and He'll show
which way you should go,
and what is really going on 

As Autumn winds blow
and the rivers flow,
breaking is a Golden Dawn

~a grand revolution~

That reveals this small sphere
in the brief time we are here,
in this world of hustle and bustle

To your heart hold dear,
those far and near-
and try not to tussle!

So as you are living,
loving  and giving-
remember to live for the now

While we are sieving,
carefully forgiving:
chew on this,
and I'll show you how-

To let go of the past,
but learn nonetheless-
from our previous errors

Because nothing lasts,
and the future is vast-
to glimpse, look in the mirror

There you will view
that which to do-
as your dreams are nurtured

As you become imbued,
with the old and the new-
in a way that creates your future



Thanks to Google for the image, and
Dr.Drago Bratasenu, scientist and author, for the appropriate quote.

It was my boss's birthday, & I wrote a poem talking about his inner child. This was the inspiration for this poem.

Saturday, February 11, 2018

Chronological order:
Promoted on this Easter Sunday,
April 4th 2021

There's some extra information behind this piece. I had a friend who came in have a spiritual Epiphany with me and when I read this poem, it tied up the Loose Ends and it seemed as if I wrote it after we had talked.
Also, I shared this with my brother Bruce 2 after suffering a stroke, ended up at Gramercy Rehabilitation in Sacramento California.
After I wished him Happy Easter Sunday, i read this "fresh new scheme" to him, he was astounded, understood every word, and exclaimed e m p h a t i c a l l y, " good, good good good good good good good good good good good good," totaling 13. I chose to promote this today.
I also chose to promote a brilliant addition to my multi author book "Why I Write"
by another gifted writer here, irishauthorme. I hope to Tom Ens will Overlook my promoting my own work, since I have paid to promote both of these.
Also I gave you the proprietor the site, Mr ends, the highest regard and having written the only review that has been submitted on my book wish I shan't name at this time.
I wish you all a Happy Easter Sunday!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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