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A chapter in the book The Last Nerve


by mbroyles2

Chapter One
Johnny Lee Horton knew early on that he came here to die.  He had survived longer than the others.  He was stronger, more resistant.  The injections came a lot quicker now.  The dose much higher, causing his skin to burn, and his heart rate increased to the point he felt like it would explode.  But, unlike the others, he didn’t scream.  No matter how painful the treatments got, he never uttered a word.  He didn’t beg for it to stop; he didn’t cry out into the night.  No, Johnny Lee Horton was too old for that.  He made his mind up.  He’d live to see his thirteenth birthday.

The room, with its gray concrete floors and cinderblock walls, was much darker than the hospital room his grandmother had occupied.  A naked bulb which hung loose from the drop-down ceiling, provided the only light.  There were no windows. The only similarity was the smell; a sweet, clean, scent pleasant to the nose.  It reminded him of his dad’s anti-freeze from the car’s radiator.

They fed him twice a day, and the food was always hot.  They even cleaned his chamber pot as needed.   There were plenty of books to read, and a Gameboy with old Mario games.  They provided clean clothes and bedding once a week.

From the coolness and ever present dampness, he got the sense he was underground.  He couldn’t figure out how many others there were, or how many there had been before or after him.  He knew there was at least one.  A girl, he heard them mention her when he had his ear pressed hard against the door.  They called her Sissy.  She was a screamer.  He could hear her cries whenever they entered her room and gave her the injections.  Sometimes it sounded like she had been possessed by demons, high-pitched and hateful.  Cursing and swearing at them.  Other times it would be like a banshee, wailing in the night; a sad cry, full of despair and loneliness.

He heard scuffling outside the door.  Was it time for another shot?  It seems it hadn’t been that long.  He listened hard, focusing on the voices, one woman and one man.

“Shall we check on Sissy?” the female asked.  “If everything looks good, we can up the dose.”

“That’s fine,” the male answered.  “Next to the older boy, she’s shown the most promise.”

Older boy, are they talking about me?

He heard the rattling of keys and a click.

Be brave, Sissy.  You can do it.  Don’t scream.  Please, don’t scream.

The door closed.

She didn’t scream.


While I continue to edit the first book in this series, I thought I'd start posting the first draft of the second book.
The Last Nerve.
As always, I appreciate your support and comments.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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