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Book 17 of the Flower Power story.

A chapter in the book The Adventures of Flower Power

Mrs. Petals meets Goldie

by Rasmine

Flower Power met with Mrs. Petals the following day after his second lesson on bullying.  She wanted to know more about his lessons and who taught him. 

“Hello, Mrs. Petals.”

“Hello, Flower.” She reached out and took his two leaves.  “Thank you, for your lessons on bullying.  Can you tell me more about your ‘sensei’?"

“Sure.  Even better than telling you, I can show you.  Come on.” He eagerly took her leaf and they started flying.  Flower looked at his old teacher.  She looked scared. 

“Mrs. Petals, are you okay?”

She grabbed one of his leaves with both of hers.  “Yeah, I guess so.  I just am not used to flying.”

Flower flew a bit lower and in no time they were over his sensei’s lily pad.


“Flower!  You have come back with a friend.”

They hugged, and then Flower introduced Mrs. Petals.  Goldie smiled and nodded. 

“You have taught a very special daisy.  He has a very big heart,” Goldie said.

“He has said wonderful things about you, Goldie.”

“Sensei Goldie is a very magical dragonfly.”

Goldie glanced at Flower.  “Not that magical, Flower.”

“Well, you gave a frog wings.”

Goldie looked from Flower to Mrs. Petals.  “Okay, maybe I did.”

Mrs. Petals turned to her former student.  “Please, tell me about your lessons on bullying.”

“Okay, well I’ll start at the beginning.  When I came here, I felt silly at calling myself a superhero.  I had punched one of my friends for laughing at me.  I didn’t have to do that – it was a form of bullying.”

Mrs. Petals nodded.

“I learned to like myself, to not show off, or try to say I’m better than another.  The basis for a bully is not liking themselves -- some disagree, but their 'sel-esteem' is fake.  If someone loved themselves really, they would not need to harm another.  If someone with a lot of self-love is being bullied – they will know the one bullying is not telling the truth.”

Goldie wiped her eyes.  She was very proud of Flower Power.  He was a superhero to all!


In the current psychological literature, it is reported that bullies have high self-esteem. I do not think so. I have a BA in psych, and was studying for a MA in the subject, so I'm not some silly person just making something up. This self-esteem that the bullies have is not true self-esteem. If someone truly loved themselves there would be, like Flower Power says, NO NEED TO HURT ANOTHER!

MK Flood, again, thank you, for your awesome artwork!

Chapter one: Flower Power saves Rose, his love interest, from being thrown out by her owner. He is hesitant, a bit when asked what he would do to save Rose.
Chapter two: He meets Jay, a blue jay, who laughs at him. He handles this by punching him. Jay sees that he may need some training so he tells him about a golden dragonfly, Goldie, who has some magic.
Chapter three: Flower flies over the pond in search of Goldie. Finally, he discovers her and is invited into her home.
Chapter four: Goldie teaches Flower Power Aikido, and why superheroes don't resort to violence.
Chapter five: (missing chapter--if any of you find it please let me know where in my portfolio it is. Thank you.) Flower Power apologizes to Jay.
Chapter six: Flys back to Goldie for more training.
Chapter seven: Flower Power gets a lesson in not hurting anyone's feelings and why.
Chapter eight: Flower Power learns the lessons of personal hygiene, and keeping your living space clean.
Chapter nine: Flower Power meets Black-eyed Susan's.
Chapter ten: Sensei Goldie talks with Flower about why he is a superhero.
Chapter eleven: Sensei Goldie talks with Flower about disabilities.
Chapter twelve: Goldie and Flower part ways. He is done with his lessons and ready to embark on his adventures!
Chapter thirteen: Flower saves a bunch of homes, including his friend Jay's babies, from a strong tornado.
Chapter fourteen: Flower teaches an elementary class about manners.
Chapter fifteen: Flower teaches children about bullying and helps with self-love exercises.
Chapter sixteen: A continuation of bullying lesson with appreciating others.
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