General Fiction posted January 25, 2018

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My entry for the Driver's Test contest

A Day At The DMV

by Wetbelly01

Driver's Road Test Contest Winner 

I'm very sorry mister Wayne, I'm afraid you have not passed your driving test.

But that's impossible, I've been driving since I was a young man.

Not according to our records... It says here that Bruce Wayne has been chauffeured by
his butler Alfred since childhood and that your only driver's license expired back in 1998!
But do not panic, all is not lost... It has come to our attention that you would happen to know
the true identity of the Batman... Therefore, if this is true I could pass you with flying colors if you just tell me who he really is.

Wait a minute... There's definitely something wrong here... Who are YOU really?

Why mister Wayne, as you can see by my nametag my name is JASPER.
However my full name is JASPER T. JOKER...HeHeHe, HaHaHa!!
As part of the new Liberal prison work program, I have been trained as a driving instructor
and tester...HeHeHe, HoHoHo!!... So now if you will just reveal who the Batman really is,
I'll gladly pass you.

This is outrageous...It's extortion... Not in a million years would I do such a thing as that...
Why, I'd rather die first!

Oh come now mister Wayne, surely you don't really mean that.
Although most of my friends and the Batman's enemies such as the Penguin, the Riddler,
Catwoman (she says hello, by the way), Two-face, Egghead, Mister Freeze and quite a lot more would surely oblige you... HeHeHe,HaHaHa!!... But I do believe I will just make sure that
any driving that you do will be done...Illegally... HaHaHa, HoHoHo!!
And we all know what a stickler you are for obeying the Law... HeHeHe, HaHaHa!!
You have a nice day!

So be it... This charade will end very soon, I assure you... We will meet again!

Excellent!... I do hope you'll bring your friend the Dark Knighted, Caped Crusader, Batman
with you... We have some bones to pick with him... Oh, and let us not forget
Robin the Boy Blunder... We look forward to picking his bones as well... HeHeHe, HaHaHa!!

They both will definitely be there, you can count on it... Just name the time and place, Joker!

I'm thinking the Old Cathedral that's being recently renovated would be an appropriate place
for such an historic meeting of such titans as us...HeHeHe,HoHoHo!!... Say around
midnight?... Oh, we are so looking forward to this...HaHaHa,HeHeHe!!

Yeah, Joker, we are very much looking forward to this also...
We will finally be able to rid the world of all of you scum!
The Law be damned... No holds barred... Mano y Mano... Winner takes all...
Then when we win this battle you all will pack up your tents, no questions asked and never show your faces in Gotham City ever again!

GADZOOKS!!... Who do you think will win this Titanic battle?.... Will the Dynamic Duo once again be victorious?.... Or will the Rogue's Gallery of Villains finally win the day?....
What a battle this will truly be!... So stay tuned until next week when we will find out together!
Same Bat-Time... Same Bat-Channel !!

Driver's Road Test
Contest Winner


See ya next week!

My thanks to BOBoldreb for the use of his picture...
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by Bob one oldreb at

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