General Poetry posted January 29, 2018

This work has reached the exceptional level
...and so, with joy, she smiles; Older (Audio poetry)


by RGstar


Is a rose less a rose if mature be--
or the lawn less green, after rain has been?
She is said, abalone orange-- the cherry in red.

So why imbue, or stray, to colours grey?
Yes, youth may the ending of a song,
but, is a kiss, too, lost; its purpose gone? if would say;
to yesterday belong.


A feathered touch;
her pride now grasp.
Would you say; fortunate, or folly to the task?
That wedding ring; dimmed--
far less the glow.
Is it age we see,
or of love bestowed
This she'll tell you so:

"Though bright the sun's glow,
is not the sunset saved for last?
The tree that flourishes,
is it not with aging of the bark?
The sweet scent of pods;
hushed in quiet repose.
The aging of wine,
as seasoned
as the rose."


"And when the caterpillar sleeps
in the silk it weaves,
does not the butterfly wake
to the heavens in reach?
As summer fades;
its days enfold,
should autumn hide
from the fate it knows?"

For this, her lore;

"All in its time;
new as old...
nature refined.
The sinking of the sun
in waltz with the waking of the dawn;
a concerto ensemble...a beauty of mind;
by grace, entwined."


As now, when joyful her eyes; purpose defined.
...she smiles


Poem of the Month contest entry


Abalone = shallow ear-shaped shell lined with mother-of-pearl and pierced with respiratory holes. The orange is a beautiful shade both can be on the shell or inside, as well as colours of the sea.

Ensemble= all the parts of a thing taken together, so that each part is considered only in relation to the whole. A group of separate things that contribute to a coordinated whole.

Repose = a state of rest, inactivity , sleep or tranquility:

Music- Passenger- let her go-instrumental
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